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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Bread. Mmmmm. (5Faves)

We love bread in this house. And I love to make it! It's frugal and yummy. Win-win! You can tell me all you want that it's not good to eat so much bread, but then I will tell you that I don't care. :) I gave it up for Lent one year in college and um, that was hard.

 Here are some of our favorites (totally click on the link to see prettier pictures than I could ever take):

1. English muffin bread - I don't make this as often as I used to because I don't always remember to start it early enough in the day (it has to rise twice), but it's definitely Logan's favorite. It makes 2 loaves so  I keep one on our counter and one in our freezer, already sliced. It tastes the best toasted with butter! We eat it for breakfast or with our dinner (or both!). For a recipe with yeast, it's pretty simple...especially if you have a KitchenAid stand mixer.

2. Easy Dinner Rolls - I hadn't made these in awhile until last week and remembered how easy and yummy they are. I personally think they taste better than store-bought rolls! I have kept these in the freezer as well, and it's super convenient to pull a few out for dinner. I love eating these with this carrot soup!

3. Freezer Biscuits - I love canned biscuits but I do not like how processed they are….and seriously, these are so similar it's crazy. Ideally, I like to have a bag of them in the freezer to pull out whenever we need. They can go straight in the oven from the freezer which is just lovely.

4. Freezer-friendly pizza dough - we love pizza around here and homemade is always best! This dough is so easy to whip up (I even "messed it up" last time but you couldn't even tell! so forgiving), and it makes enough for 2 pizza crusts so we use one and stick the other one in the freezer for later. Wheat flour works, but it is thicker…Logan and I just decided after our last wheat batch that next time we will use white flour.
We made pizza on Monday (with dough from the freezer) and topped it with leftover crawfish (from the freezer)…yummmm.

5. Blueberry Oatmeal Bread - okay, so technically this might not really be a bread recipe…more of a breakfast food that is similar to muffins. But I needed a 5th recipe and Logan mentioned this one! It only makes one loaf, sadly, and I want to say I've probably doubled it before and it's turned out fine but don't quote me on that because my memory sucks. But it is yummy and so quick to make! Some people might think it's a little dense but that's right up Logan's alley because then he can slather it with butter (as he does with everything).

All 5 of these also have the stamp of approval from our resident 2.5 year old. So you know they're good! :)

Anybody have a good homemade bread recipe that would be good for sandwiches? I need one!

Go check out more favorites at Call Her Happy!


  1. Do you know how refreshing it is to read a post about bread! So much Whole30 going on. Not that that is a bad thing, but...rolls. Mmm. Rolls.

  2. Haha, you're right! I definitely admire people doing Whole30...but not so sure I could do it without going absolutely crazy.

  3. Wow this is super awesome. I tried to make bread once and it was a total disaster. The hopeful homemaker in me REALLY wants to figure out how to do it, and this list could very well be the ticket...definitely saving for later.

  4. Yes, definitely try these! I wouldn't make them so often if they weren't easy :)


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