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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Fun at the Zoo (again)

I know, I know. We went to the zoo last summer so why would I possibly subject you to more pictures from our visit a few weeks ago?

Because I love you. And I want you to see my cute kids.

 See? Adorable.
 The fake dinosaurs? Not so adorable. Especially this one that shoots water at you.
 But I have to say the dinosaur exhibit was pretty hilarious.

 Landon didn't know what to think about the monkey statue.

 They opened up the petting zoo again! There wasn't one last summer. 
 Landon loved it.

 Logan and I kept telling Landon to "look" at the animals, and he started doing this every time we said "look!" He's so goofy.

 We took a family picture in front of the chimpanzees last time when Chase was in my belly so we had to do it again now that he's not in my belly. So so so glad he got to enjoy the fun this time! 

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