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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Our week in pictures: Lent is upon us

 Drink up!
Marley the guard dog
 We went for a little family walk and Landon was loving it
It was soooo windy. But it made for fun with a kite!
Marley loves him 

Trying to take a picture of Chase and the needy dog plops herself right in front of me. Thanks Marley. 
Put a bin of toys in front of him and this boy is HAPPY
Landon has decided that wearing socks on your hands is the cool thing to do
We have started back up our date night/babysitting swap with my brother and sister-in-law now that the babies are less needy....so 6 kids at a time it is! Fun fun.
I wish I had noticed Chase's bib and taken it off before the picture because, um, those girls are his cousins. It will be so fun when they are all playing together one day!
My sweet boy :)
Birthday party fun! 
This is his new cheesy smile. He scrunches up his face even more but I didn't get a good picture. Logan and I have some goofy boys! (You can ignore the messy room...just keeping it real up in here)

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  1. Okay, in this last picture of Chase, he is your twin...totally!


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