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Friday, February 27, 2015

Small changes make a big difference (7QT)

After drowning (figuratively) in life the past few months, I've finally gotten into a good groove the past couple of weeks. Like, I'm managing to keep up with laundry and dishes while also managing to spend more time reading than I have in years. It's probably due to a lot of grace (thank you Jesus) and a lot of small changes in my life. Small changes like these:

1. Have a morning routine (sort of).
I'm slowly, slowly, slowly creating my own rule while re-reading A Mother's Rule of Life, and one of the first things I did was get a morning routine going. And it's really not a strict thing AT ALL. Basically, before 10am, I make sure breakfast is done, those dishes are taken care, a load of laundry is started, and I'm showered/dressed (if I want to that day, because some days I definitely do stay in PJs). 10am is a good time for us because if we have a playdate, or an errand to run, we usually leave the house around 10. And if the morning starts off on a good note, it's much more likely that the day will continue that way.

2. Give myself a break when it comes to certain chores.
This will look differently for everybody, but for me, it means using disposable diapers instead of cloth for a couple days. There's just so many poopy diapers I want to clean in a day (2 in diapers, yo)...

3. Use the TV to my advantage.
We're limiting TV in general during Lent, but one thing I'm doing is letting Landon watch a movie pretty much every afternoon when we're home all day. And that is because some days it's the only thing that makes him quiet. Seriously, he talks all.day.long. And maybe a movie a day sounds like a lot to some people, but…my very introverted self needs quiet time or I go crazy. So this is how it happens. (I don't feel guilty about that either because my sanity is very important. Just ask Logan.) Bonus is that sometimes Landon falls asleep when otherwise he would not nap.

4. Don't procrastinate.
This one sounds so simple but can be so hard sometimes! Basically, I'm trying to stay on top of things - don't let dishes sit in the sink long, fold clothes and put them away the same day they're washed, go through the mail and file/throw away everything right away, etc. Life is better this way.
Yes. Yes, it is.

5. Have quiet afternoons.
I strategically plan Landon's movie time (see #3) with Chase's afternoon nap. And I've been trying really, really hard to use at least part of that quiet time to pray, read, or both. That way, I'm calm when Logan gets home (if he's working the day shift) or I have a better mindset about the rest of the day (if Logan is working the evening shift).

6. Read before bed instead of turning on the TV or laptop.
This has really made a big difference for me on the evenings that Logan is working. Once the boys are in bed, I do any last dishes and do a quick clean-up of the house (like 5 minutes, nothing major…assuming I followed #4) before marching myself right up to bed. And I read and sometimes journal. Not only do I get to do more reading and writing…I also end up going to bed earlier. Which means more sleep. Win win.

7. Pray more.
This probably should have been first on my list, because it's totally the most important. I can honestly say for the first time since Chase was born that I'm actually devoting enough time to prayer. And oh my goodness, it makes all the difference in the world!
Yes! This!

Man, I managed to do 2 link-ups in one week…that's a first! And probably a last ;) Go check out some better quick takes at Kelly's place!


  1. Alright. You've motivated me to try some of these! I usually wait till the end of the day to do most of these things and then I'm overwhelmed!

  2. You are so right about all of these. Way to go Jen!


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