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Friday, February 13, 2015

What I love about Louisiana right now (7QT)

I've lived in Louisiana my entire life, and even if I somehow end up living elsewhere in the future (probably won't happen, but you never know!), this place will always be special to me. Here are 7 things I love about Louisiana right now (as in this time of year):

1. The weather. Well, sometimes it's annoying because one day we will be bundled up and the next day we'll be wearing shorts. But I'll take it over what much of the country is dealing with - frigid temps and maybe snow - because seriously, I don't know how y'all do it. I'll enjoy wearing my flip flops in February when I can, thankyouverymuch. Tomorrow it will be in the 70s!

2. Crawfish. The season lasts a few months, but of course we need to eat them ASAP…so tomorrow we will be boiling some. Yay! Seriously, if you've never had some, you're missing out. SO GOOD.
 Throwback to 1995 when my cousins visited…and yes, I was the only one not holding a live crawfish because I do not like holding things that move unless it's a baby or puppy. #dontjudge 
Aaaaand this was 1991 before I apparently lost all interest in holding something that could possibly pinch me.

3. Mardi Gras. Why yes, the whole point is to party it up the day - well, actually, it's a couple weeks - before Ash Wednesday. Catholics in Louisiana do it right! ;) (Although Logan's job now usually requires him to work on Fat Tuesday while the majority of people have off since it's a state holiday)
Logan (AKA the creative one in our marriage) decorated Landon's wagon for his 1st Mardi Gras 2 years ago.

4. Parades. Ok, honestly, I'm not much of a parade-goer...but Logan totally is and once he drags me there it's kind of fun to see people go nutso over a bunch of beads and trinkets. And I should note that New Orleans is known to also have parades during times other than just Mardi Gras!
And of course Logan had to make this sign for Landon's 2nd Mardi Gras last year.

4. King Cake. This goes hand in hand with Mardi Gras, and there's just no way you can get to Lent without having a piece. Sooo stuff your face now before giving up the sweets!
We used a king cake for our gender reveal last year! We found out Chase was a boy when we saw blue filling :)

5. No hurricanes! I'd much rather summer, but it is nice to not worry about possibly having to evacuate for a storm. (Hurricane season is June-November). Actually, we haven't had to evacuate since August 2012! Woo! (And just so you know, I'd much rather have advance notice for my natural disasters so I can get the heck out of dodge…not possible with earthquakes and such)

6. There is always something to do! Festivals, sports events, concerts, trip to the zoo, you name it. There is fun to be had. Really, this is true throughout the year…but is especially nice now when you don't want to be cooped up inside.
Logan took Landon to his first basketball game a couple weeks ago!

7. Opportunities to enrich our Catholic faith. Louisiana has a heck of a lot of Catholics so that means a church every 5 minutes and ample opportunities to grow in our faith, especially when the Lenten season is here. Way of the Cross, retreats, parish missions, the list goes on. I can't wait until the 9-church walk on Good Friday! So many beautiful churches in New Orleans!
Pops and Landon at AbbeyFest last year (a VERY cool outside retreat for teens and young adults). My brother's business has a tent setup every year. Logan and I were actually at a marriage retreat right next door!

Have I convinced you to move here? Or at least visit? I hope so :) #louisianaforlife

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