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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Logan's creativity (5Faves)

I wasn't planning on doing a 5 faves this week, buuuuut Jenna is having a giveaway and I get 2 more entries for participating in 5 faves. I want that Netflix subscription! So here I am.

Logan is creative. Like really. He may stink at taking out the garbage (sorry, babe…you know it's true. And pun not intended, but how funny is that?), but he sure does know how to turn cardboard into something fun. Here are 5 of his creations that are, well, awesome (and I totally had to pick and choose from a bunch of things he's made, so I chose to stick with just cardboard ones to make it easy):

1. Speedboat
 When I had some kind of stomach bug in January, I stayed in bed all day while Logan created this little baby for Landon. He built a freakin' speedboat around one of his little riding toys. And of course a helmet to go with it.

2. Ultimate fort

 He won the best uncle award a couple years ago by building this massive fort for Max and Dominic. (Landon was just a baby.)

3. Clifford's dog house
 Landon's 2nd birthday party was Clifford-themed, so obviously Logan had to make a big dog house. He drew that Clifford face too. (That big thing is still in our garage, HAHA)

4. Monster feet
 Any normal person would look at 2 empty kleenex boxes and think, Ooh! I can make monster feet!…Right?

5. Jetpack

 Cheerios box for the backpack part, 2-liters and foil for the jets (?), and an old belt for the straps

Clearly, buying toys is overrated. And I'm glad at least one of us likes to do crafts...

Don't forget to check out more favorites at Call Her Happy! I'll be over here trying to get over how I just blogged 5 days in a row. ;)


  1. You rescheduled this one, didn't you? It showed on my feed Friday but then wasn't accessible. Oh and um...my car needs cleaning desperately too!

  2. Hmmm, really? I initially published it from the blogger app on my phone and it showed Saturday as the date even though it was Sunday...so I went on my computer and republished it. Silly technology!

  3. Logan would make a great stay home dad. Except the house would be a mess and the garbage piled up!!

  4. Haha, you are so right! On both accounts :)

  5. Ha! I am laughing at Cindy's comment. So true!

  6. Okay, I think you were right...it said Saturday not Friday. Sorry about that.
    Here We Geaux

    Subject: Re: Comment on Into Your Will: Our week in pictures: craziness

  7. He should market himself as the Dad-party-officiando! Together you two could have a great party planning business!


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