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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

My boys!

I don't know why I never thought to compare Landon and Chase's baby pictures at the same age. Maybe because I don't think they look a lot alike? But some people seem to think they do….what do y'all think? Landon on the left, Chase on the right. I have to say that they look more alike than I thought...

Obviously, Chase has a heck of a lot more hair than Landon ever did. But I think Landon looks like Logan, and Chase looks like me. And most people think the same thing. But of course it doesn't really matter….it's just fun to compare!

Their personalities are completely different, for sure. At least it seems that way now. And honestly, I knew as soon as Chase was born that he was going to be more laid back…
Chase barely cried when Dr. H pulled him out, and when they put him on my chest for skin to skin, he was toooootally chill. Logan said he was sunbathing in the nursery (all sprawled out, nice and comfy) while Landon, on the other hand, screamed nonstop.

Now that it's been almost 8 months, the differences are even more obvious. Between 7 and 8 months old, Landon was all:

Landon was pulling up on everything, crawling, and sooo curious.

Chase is going to be 8 months old in a few days, and he's all:

Completely content to just sit, lay, or stay in an awkwardly in-between position. He can kick his legs like there's no tomorrow and can fully support his weight on both legs…but he's not even interested in trying to crawl or pull up or anything. Seriously. The kid hasn't even attempted to roll from back to stomach because he just doesn't like being on his stomach (he does roll from stomach to back though).
I know it very well could change once he's walking, because I've had friends with easy babies that turn into little troublemakers once they hit a year old or so. But for now, Chase is my happy, sweet boy…and I'm loving every minute of it. 

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  1. Oh I like this! All along I have seen you in Chase, but knew he and Landon did resemble one another. The different personalities totally adds to the mix, too. Lots of fun in your neighborhood!


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