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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Our week in pictures: all the fun things

The weekly post in which I share very unprofessional iPhone photos of our daily life!

We had a very full but very fun week. It was just really nice, and I can't help but think that God knew we needed some momentum to get through Holy Week...because man, it's been quite a difficult Lent. But I guess they all are, aren't they?!
I love that my boys have relatives close in age to play with!
It's official. Landon will fall asleep anywhere.
This dude is all big boy now

Chase likes trampolines!
Seriously, this indoor trampoline place was so.much.fun.
Foam pit!

Marley really loves Chase now (and vice versa) and it's so cute
I thought Landon wouldn't go down the crazy tall inflatable slide but he proved me wrong…and did it several times!
We woke up bright and early yesterday for our first 5K as a family of 4
Playing at the park while we waited for the race to begin

Logan jogged with a friend so I walked with the stroller and had to push it up this crazy bridge. I almost died. (Ok maybe not really but damn it was hard!)
My friend Lindsey was with me though so she pushed for a few minutes while I tried not to die.

Eating carrot soup like a big boy
My little chubster!

If you made it this far, congratulations. That was a lot of pictures. :)

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