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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Our week in pictures: a whole lot of loving

The weekly post in which I share very unprofessional iPhone photos of our daily life!

We were cleaning out the garage and Logan found his old rollerblades! Whaaaaat?!

Photo bomb by Marley
We drove to New Orleans for a fun family day and both boys were knocked out when we got there. Can't resist a car ride….ever! Even at 10:30 in the morning.

Fun at the insectarium
I hope that dog realizes how loved she is
Landon loves feeding Chase. But sometimes Chase doesn't know what to think about yogurt melts being shoved into his mouth.
Landon was not thrilled about going to church on Thursday (for St. Joseph's Altar) until I said there would be cookies!
He's been "cooking" up a storm lately and I love seeing his creativity
Landon was holding Chase's hand letting him press the buttons but of course I missed that precious moment on camera
Happy Sunday!


  1. Thanks for promoting my giveaway! I have been meaning to tell you that I really like these categories and will probably start using them for my own Quick Takes in the future. This might sound weird but I have really been impressed by the Duggar family books as far as parenting and family rearing goes; I definitely plan on rereading those as we face different stages of life. And suffering. I need to be better at appreciating the suffering in my own life. Keep reminding me of that, please!

  2. The whole concept of accepting suffering is a constant battle for me...we are human after all! I've been trying to remembwe that


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