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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A Day in New Orleans

Welcome to picture week on the blog! Okay, I made that up…but don't be surprised if I post all pictures this week. Because when I uploaded our Easter pictures I realized I never shared our New Orleans pictures. And maybe you don't care but I'm fairly certain 90% of my blog readers are family and close friends, and I'm sure at least some of them will want to see these. So, click away if you must!
Every now and then (ideally once a week, but usually every 2 or 3 weeks), we dub one of Logan's off days as "family day." And that means we do fun family things. So a few weeks ago - on St. Patrick's Day actually - we spent the day in the city.
 We walked through the Riverwalk (a mall along the river for out-of-towners) and ate lunch there. 
The weather was nice so we ate outside!
 We've never been to the Insectarium before, and we can get in for free with our Audubon membership (the gift that keeps on giving!), so we decided to go check it out.
 Landon enjoyed seeing all the "bugs"

 Apparently it's mandatory for Logan to pose with an inanimate object everywhere we go (like the fake dinosaur at the zoo)

The butterfly area had soooo many butterflies just flying around so Landon didn't know what to do with himself

We took a coffee break and rested while Landon snoozed away. Then we headed to the aquarium on a whim since it was within walking distance (Audubon membership baby! Gets you in the zoo, aquarium, and insectarium)
 Looking at the birds
Not looking at the birds
I don't know if the birds weren't there last time we went to the aquarium since it was cold (in December), or if we just missed it somehow…but this part was neat.

I think the seahorse is one of his faves
And of course so is the stingray

We've been to the aquarium twice and the zoo 3 times (twice since getting a membership), and I have to say each experience has been different. We've seen different animals each time. So basically, get yo' self a membership! Or ask for one for Christmas, like we did :)

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