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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Road trip to NC

My parents drove up to Asheville, North Carolina to visit my sister's family for her son's birthday, so I decided to tag along with the boys. I haven't been there in almost 5 years, so it was long overdue! It was exhausting – it's a 12-hour drive from New Orleans to Asheville, not including stops – but it was fun and I'm glad I decided to go.
 These two had a blast together.  

There was a lot of just hanging out at my aunt's house (where we stayed)...

 Will opened some birthday presents

A busted lip didn't even ruin the fun!

We also went to the Nature Center..

 There was climbing
 and not climbing
and just general cuteness

And then there was William's 3rd birthday party! I'm going to dedicate a post just to it because my sister did such a cute job with it, but here are a few pictures from the party:

 Rain doesn't stop little boys from having fun!

I still can't get over how freakin' cool it is that my twin sister and I have boys so close in age (6 weeks!). Will even called Landon his brother at one point. So cute.

And that's exactly how I felt when I got back to New Orleans at 11pm last night. Chase has been trying to cut his top two front teeth the whole trip which meant no sleep for momma. Plus the whole time change thing messed with my head. Hopefully the transition back to our normal routine goes smoothly! (And yes, blogging is the first thing I wanted to do today. Because priorities.)

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