"When a soul recognises the will of God and shows a readiness to submit to it entirely, then God gives Himself to such a soul and renders it most powerful succour under all circumstances." - Rev. Jean-Pierre de Caussade

Friday, May 29, 2015

The Power of the Holy Spirit

I should have written this for Pentecost, but…I'm slacking.

The nine days leading up to Pentecost Sunday, I prayed the Novena to the Holy Spirit. And it was awesome. My intention was for our family to be guided by Holy Spirit to know what God is calling us to do right now. Just in every aspect of life - jobs, finances, new endeavors, volunteer work, parenting, etc. It's a long list, really.

I could definitely sense the Holy Spirit working during those nine days, but looking back, I'm realizing just how the Holy Spirit works, especially in oh so very subtle ways.

One example: I've been thinking about putting Landon in some sort of preschool. I'm hoping to homeschool when it's time, but I'm not ruling out public school because God likes to change things up on me a lot. Plus, I really see Landon as the type of kid to enjoy going to school so I kind of felt like I needed to at least look into it.

So I looked into a few programs but just really didn't find one that fit our schedule, needs and budget. It was a little depressing, because I had started to like the idea of him going somewhere 2-3 days a week for a few hours. But every time I thought about putting Landon in one of those programs, I got this really anxious feeling.

God doesn't want us to be anxious. I truly, truly believe that when we are doing the will of God, we will be at peace. Complete peace. Sure, we might have the occasional moment of doubt…but deep down, there's peace. Which is exactly what I felt when I thought about Landon staying home with me next year. It might be a completely different story one year from now, but I'm thankful that the Holy Spirit helped me make a decision for this year.

I've also noticed that I suddenly get these seemingly random ideas for our family that end up being pretty darn awesome. I would love to take credit for those ideas but I know it's just the Holy Spirit.

And then there are times where I get these really strong feelings about something. Example: I brought Chase to the eye doctor this week and was originally planning on dropping off Landon at my cousin's house beforehand. But for some reason, I kept getting this feeling that it would be easier to just bring Landon with me, which sounds a little crazy because he is a strong-willed toddler. And I wasn't sure what to expect at the eye doctor because I've never brought a baby before…but I just really kept feeling like I should bring Landon too. So I ended up bringing both boys together and it was totally fine and actually a really good thing because one of my cousin's kids ended up sick the morning I was supposed to drop Landon off.

Seemingly trivial things in the big picture, of course, but I don't really feel like sharing the bigger examples on this here blog right now.

So, what I'm really getting at is this: Ask for guidance from the Holy Spirit. You won't be disappointed!
 "Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God. Then the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus." ~Philippians 4:6-7

Thursday, May 28, 2015

What I've been up to + blogging thoughts

Well, I was on a roll there for awhile with this blogging thing but somehow I got caught up in life. I have like a bazillion draft posts that are 80% finished. Why is that last 20% so hard to do? Whyyy?

I've also been thinking about how much time I want to spend online, specifically reading blogs. I definitely have cut down on Facebook, which is nice. And I follow like a million blogs (okay…50? I don't know) which actually isn't as bad as it sounds because most of those don't post very often.

But then if I go a day or two without checking Bloglovin' I get way behind. Like this week. Which is probably a good thing because it makes me be very intentional about my blog reading. Not every blog is a good fit for everybody (including mine, I'll admit!).

I don't know what the point of this is…I can't seem to gather coherent thoughts for a blog post this week. So…want to know what I've been up lately? Kinda?

What I'm reading: The Help by Kathryn Stockett. Okay, one of the story lines in this tugs at my heartstrings! Future post, perhaps.

What I'm watching: whatever ridiculous movie Logan chooses on Netflix, like Extraterrestrial

What I'm wearing: Shorts!! It's been forever because I love wearing skirts but, um, it's hot. And I finally can fit into my cute shorts again.

What I'm celebrating: Logan's birthday! His golden birthday, 29 years old on the 29th.

What I'm loving: Chase's cheesy smile and Landon's random hugs and "I wove you, Mom"

What I'm praying for: friends going through difficult and/or stressful times

What I'm crafting: birthday decorations for the boys' joint party…in July. I blame the Silhouette Cameo. (Seriously, it's awesome!)

What I'm working on: fostering friendships

And now I should go to sleep. But first, here are a couple pictures for your viewing pleasure:
 He's closer to 11 months now, but oh well.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Making time for the things I love (7QT)

I know I'm like way late posting this'tis life sometimes.

1. Random thoughts
I've been thinking a lot about how I (and I'm sure many of y'all too) always say "I want to write a book one day" or "I want to be able to do XYZ more often"…and what I've realized is the only thing stopping me from doing those things is MYSELF. Sure, sometimes seasons of life don't leave much spare time, but most of the time, I don't have time to do something because I'm not making time to do it. Ya feel me? So! Instead of falling into the Internet time suck, I'm making more time to do things that I really want to do.

2. Happenings this week

Lots going on! I feel like we've done nothing and everything in the past 9 days: babysitting for friends (twice), TWO gender reveals (so many people are due beginning of October!), birthday party, library trip, friends visiting, and I don't remember what else. Logan and I even got to go to the movies Monday morning for a little impromptu date! Life is good, y'all.

3. Pictures you haven't seen

I forgot to mention that Logan let me have a little me-time one day this week and it was oh.so.lovely. Lunch with a friend, a little shopping, and some quiet time at a coffee shop. I don't think the boys missed me though, because this is what they did while I was gone:

#bestdadever #besthubbytoo

4. What I'm reading
  • The Help (Kathryn Stockett) - the month of May is almost over and I almost forgot to read my book for the 2015 reading challenge! The category is "a book your mom loves" and my mom gave me 2 choices - The Help and To Kill a Mockingbird. I've read both before and was excited about reading one again! I'll probably read the latter too eventually, but so far I'm really enjoying a reread of The Help.
  • I shelved The Wind in the Willows (Kenneth Grahame) for now. I felt like I was forcing myself to read it - but I definitely plan on reading it to Landon once he's actually interested in chapter books!
  • Voice in the Wind (Francine Rivers) and Rosaries Aren't Just For Teething - ongoing
5. What I'm thankful for
  • New friendships, old friendships, and everything in between
  • Extra graces
6. What's on my heart and in my prayers
  • For the Holy Spirit to guide our family
  • Friends trying to figure out medical issues

7. Words that spoke to me this week
"First do what's necessary, then do what's possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible." -St. Francis of Assisi

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Focusing on the joys of motherhood...instead of the struggles

When I was pregnant with Chase, I couldn't help but think, Why can't this pregnancy thing be easy for me, for once? 

My first pregnancy ended in a stillbirth. I was on strict bedrest early on in my second pregnancy for a couple weeks and modified bedrest for the second half of it. Then with my third pregnancy, I was told early on that something could be wrong with my baby, and later on I had too much amniotic fluid and a bad placenta, among other things. I had endless contractions for the last two pregnancies, and terrible morning sickness with all three.

I didn't think it was fair. Pregnancy was so taxing - physically, emotionally, spiritually, you name it. Yes, I was so thankful for my babies, but seriously…WHY WAS PREGNANCY SO HARD?!

But now I know better. 

I've written about why it's not a good idea to compare crosses, but I don't know if I even fully understood what I was writing. Yes, we all struggle with something. And God allows those struggles, that suffering, to draw us closer to Him. Motherhood is special in that there are so many opportunities to  offer ourselves up for the good of our little ones.and it starts with pregnancy.

But for some reason I wasn't even thinking about my difficult pregnancies being one of my crosses. I mean, yeah, pregnancy is hard - it's hard for every woman, even if they don't have issues! So I think I feel a little guilty considering it a "cross", especially since so many women endure the pain of infertility and would probably give anything just to be pregnant. 

Really, though, a cross can come in so many forms. It's whatever pushes you to your breaking point and makes you constantly look to God for help. And that's pregnancy for me - I have to trust that my baby is going to be okay (after losing my first baby so unexpectedly and painfully), that God will provide to pay those medical bills, that our family will survive those months of me unable to do much, and that I will not completely lose my mind (if you've read this blog during my last two pregnancies, you know what I'm talking about…).

So even though I'm blessed in a way, that my cross of rough pregnancies is temporary and ultimately ends in me holding a healthy baby (God-willing), it's still really, really hard to get through it. I'm sure some women who are really fertile can attest to that, too - having several babies in just a few years is obviously a blessingbut still hard.

When I was pregnant with Chase, I kept focusing on how most women had relatively easy pregnancies, breastfed their babies with ease, and just popped out one baby after another like it was nothing. And here I was, reaching my breaking point not even halfway through my pregnancies. Following my ridiculous pregnancies were difficult breastfeeding experiences. Although nursing Chase was better, breastfeeding literally drains me, physically and emotionally - and I still have to supplement.

I've spent the last several years wishing that all of those things would just be easy for once. After all, that's what women were created to do! Grow and feed children. Oh, how silly I was…

Because while I struggle during those months of pregnancy and those first few months of breastfeeding, there are many moms who struggle day in and day out with just life in general.

Babies that hate to sleep. Toddlers that hate to sleep. Toddlers that literally climb the furniture and need strict supervision every minute of every day to prevent an ER visit. Kids with severe food allergies. Kids with special needs. Kids with medical conditions. Heck, some women go through hell and back just to get pregnant. And some struggle with depression. Others have to figure out how to raise their kids while in an unequally yoked marriage. The list goes on and on…

I have to admit that I have good kids (and I might regret saying this one day, ha!). Sure, Landon had - and still occasionally has - his moments of being extremely strong-willed. And Chase has decided he can only sleep at night if attached to me. Other than that, though, our daily life is pretty good. I'm not losing my mind every day - although it does happen from time to time. ;)

I guess what I'm trying to say is that you can't have it all! But you can choose to see the joy amongst the struggles of motherhood. It's so easy to focus on what you don't have instead of what you do have. But where's the joy in that? Life is hard sometimes. A lot of times, actually. And our saving grace is that there is still always something to be thankful for.

My last two pregnancies, I did a pretty terrible job at focusing on the joys in life. Like really terrible. But now I'm focusing on the good things - the baby giggles, the toddler learning to say new words, and just how darn blessed I am to be able to stay home with them, all day, everyday.

And hopefully next time I'm pregnant, God-willing, I'll still be able to focus on the good things. Because there are many! (Please remind me of that if/when the time comes, okay?)
"Suffering has been stronger than all other teaching, and has taught me to understand what your heart used to be. I have been bent and broken, but – I hope – into a better shape." – Charles Dickens

Monday, May 18, 2015

All the thoughts about all the things

I feel like I've been posting too much serious stuff - like marriage and just trying to be better and thoughts on my rough pregnancies - sooo how about some randomness? I hope you like bullet points.

  • When I was at my parents' house last month, I was looking at my baby pictures just to compare them to Chase. A lot of people have been saying he looks so much like me….and yeah. I think they're right.
  • We seem to be having a rodent issue. [insert overwhelmed emoji here] THANKFULLY, they're not actually in the house. But they are in our garage and kind of getting into the walls a little somehow and we really hope they didn't die in there. So if you want to offer up a prayer that there are not dead rats in our walls…that would be lovely.
  • Logan gave my good friend Katie permission to take me out on a "girls day" on one of his off days this week. He deserves an award for Husband of the Year.
  • Landon has suddenly grown up in the last month or so and it's making me a little sad but I'm also loving it. And I seriously can't believe he will be 3 years old in less than 3 weeks!
He drew a "house" and was trying to go inside. Obviously.
  • Everyone keeps posting about life being crazy and all….and things are pretty chill over here. I guess that's what happens when you don't have kids in school yet.
  • Chase's sleeping habits have gone CRAZY and it's making me crazy. At least he's still easy when he's awake!
  • Confession: I have not used cloth diapers since our trip to Asheville. So, a month. I have not gone that long since I started cloth diapering in October 2012. And I just really don't have it in me right now to start using them again! Something is seriously wrong! (Logan isn't complaining though…LOL)
  • I have started writing more (like outside of blogging) and it makes me happy.
  • I'm sure I've mentioned Logan's crazy work schedule a million times…but I have to say that I've embraced it, finally. Yes, I usually have to go to birthday parties and other fun things with the kids by myself, but I'm focusing on the positives. Like the fact that most mornings, we get to be lazy and have breakfast together as a family. And we can do fun things during the week when there aren't crowds.
  • Is there a way to bottle up this thing called contentment and drink it when the going gets really rough? I feel as though it's inevitable…good times don't usually last.
If you've made it this far, you rock. Thanks for listening. :)

Friday, May 15, 2015

Instagram, 5K run, and books (7QT)

1. Random thoughts
I'm on Instagram now! SUPER late to the 'gram party, I know. And everyone was right - it's totally more fun than Facebook. So go follow me so I can have more than 30 followers ;)

In other news, I managed to put fancy social media buttons on my sidebar all by myself. It might be a little sad how proud I am of that. Because for the last 5+ years I've just blogged without worrying about all that fancy stuff. But I'm trying to be better! Little by little.

2. Happenings this week

We ran a 5K on Saturday! And I hurt my foot somehow. Eh. But our team was the top fundraising team!! #WNLC #savethebabies

Logan worked on Mother's Day, but thankfully it was during the day…so when he got home we visited his parents and then ate at our favorite Mexican place for dinner! It was a busier than normal week but full of fun - babysitting my cousin's kids, trip to the library, playdate with friends, church playgroup. I ran a few errands with the boys today too!

3. Pictures you haven't seen

We recently bought an outside table with chairs, so we've been spending many meals outside. It's been lovely. I don't know why it took us so long to do that!

Since Logan worked on Mother's Day, I was all like, no dishes for me! Paper products, yo. (But really it was just because I didn't feel like unloading the clean dishes out of the dishwasher first)

4. What I'm reading

  • Rosaries Aren't Just for Teething - I've only read 4 of the reflections so far, but I'm loving everyone's different takes on the mysteries!
  • The Wind in the Willows (Kenneth Grahame) - I checked this out from the library for Landon, based on a recommendation…without realizing it was a chapter book. So now I'm just reading it myself. It's pretty entertaining, I have to say!
  • I finished Saint John Paul the Great: His Five Loves (Jason Evert) and am still trucking through Voice in the Wind, Mark of the Lion Book 1 (Francine Rivers), which I'm actually enjoying now.

5. What I'm thankful for
  • My goofy boys
  • It's almost summer!!! 
  • The Holy Spirit and its awesomeness

6. What's on my heart and in my prayers
  • Guidance to know what God is asking of our family right now
  • Our friends having babies this year, especially the ones who will be first-time parents
  • Those still in the trenches of infertility, especially our close friends (I'm looking at you, Lauren. Love you!)

7. Words that spoke to me this week
"There is a certain simplicity of heart which is the perfection of all perfections. This is found when our soul fixes her glance solely upon God." -St. Francis de Sales

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

What makes me a better wife and mom (5Faves)

One of the lessons I'm really learning this year is how important it is to take care of myself. And that doesn't just mean the usual stuff like eat, sleep, and shower. I'm talking about taking the time to do things that make me happy. Because doing those things actually makes me a better wife and a better mom!

Whenever I feel overwhelmed/frustrated/burned out, it's usually because I'm not taking time to do a couple (or all, on a good day) of these favorite things of mine every day! In no particular order, here we go:


Books have always been one of my favorite things. It was a little ridiculous how much I read as a kid, but once I had babies….reading was pushed to the back burner. Until the last several months! Reading calms me, makes me feel productive (is that weird?), and since I tend to read more non-fiction that fiction, I learn a lot. (I'm not saying you can't learn from reading fiction…)
Christmas 1994. It's like my parents told me I was going to Disney World!


I've always been the athletic type, and I've noticed the periods in life that I'm actually exercising on a regular basis are the times where I just really have my act together in general (NOT when I'm pregnant, unfortunately). Surely not a coincidence, right? Not only does exercising motivate me in other areas, it's a great outlet to get out any frustration or nervous energy. And when I'm able to go run by myself, I get that much-needed alone time as well. Win win!

Praying the rosary.

If you had told me a few months ago that this would have made me happy, I probably would have laughed. But since I've made this a part of my routine, I can honestly say I look forward to having these [very essential] 20 minutes or so of prayer time. I wish I could adequately explain how much difference just this one thing makes in a day!! Future post, perhaps.

My friend Elena made this rosary for me! Isn't it pretty?


My introverted mind has lots of thoughts and writing them down makes me feel better. That's why I've kept a journal for almost 12 years! And of course this here blog is an outlet for me as well.

Doing something that will make my family happy.

We've all heard that when you give, you tend to get more in return. Which is so true. So I love seeing the look on Landon's face when I sit down to play with him or read to him instead of doing housework. Or Logan's reaction when I do something spontaneous that goes along with his love languages - like give him a big ol' hug or compliment him.

I decided to lie down on the floor in the playroom the other day while Landon and Chase were playing, and both boys (plus the dog) took that as an invitation to climb all over me. They loved it - and it was such a precious moment. Sometimes it's the little things!

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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Getting crafty up in here (with DIY chalk paint)

Y'all. I actually painted a piece of furniture. And I painted said piece of furniture with DIY chalk paint. And then I even added a shelf to said furniture.

I know, I know. I'll let you recover for a minute. (For those of you who don't know, Logan is the creative one in our marriage.) I still can't get it over it myself! Shall I show you??

This is what we started with:
This entertainment center was a hand-me-down from some friends several years ago. Logan and I had it in our bedroom and decided it was just wasting space - since we moved the TV on top of our dresser quite some time ago (but I seriously don't know why we even have a TV in our room since we rarely use it). So I decided to repurpose the entertainment center into a storage piece for the playroom!
I've been wanting to use chalk paint on something, but….it's expensive. So I made my own! With the help of Google and my sister.
Quart of regular paint: $15
Plaster of Paris: $6
You'll also need: water, a measuring cup, a mixing tool, and of course a paintbrush!

I still have half a quart of paint leftover. And A LOT of Plaster of Paris. That box should last a long time, even if I decide to go crazy with chalk paint. (It's totally not a green product AT ALL. You do need to be careful with it. Just a little disclaimer.)

So! I mixed 1/3 cup of water with 1/3 cup of Plaster of Paris until it was smooth. Then I added one cup of paint to that and mixed it all together. Voila! DIY chalk paint. I did have to do another batch because I ended up painting 2-3 coats. But one batch should be fine for most pieces of furniture.
 My little helper ;) I should mention that I did sand down the wood just a little, because the guy at Home Depot recommended it. But I don't know how necessary it is, really.
There was a noticeable difference between one and two coats…so I decided to add a third coat just to be safe.
 The cabinet doors. I took them off at first because I wasn't sure if I would keep them on…but I did.
 Done with the painting part! Next I added a shelf.
Logan helped me drill holes for the shelf. I couldn't decide if I wanted one or two shelves, but Logan said one, so I was all, ok whatever. We had a piece of wood lying around from a project we never did when we first bought the house - so I used that. Logan cut it to size for me. (Although it probably wasn't the best wood to use and isn't very sturdy so I might end up getting another shelf eventually.) The support brackets for the shelf were around $4, if I remember correctly. We still have some left too.
The finished product!

The old cabinet handles were gold and I wasn't a fan of them. So I just bought basic white ones at Home Depot for $2 a piece.

There you have it. My first pretty big project and I'm so happy with how it came out! Not bad for $30. We've been fixing up the playroom quite a bit so I might bore you with some more things we've done. ;)

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Being open to life when you have rough pregnancies

I should start off by saying that my cycle has not yet returned since Chase exited the womb, so it's not like we're having to decide if now is a good time for another baby. But since I'm learning Creighton and it appears my body is trying to get going again, I can't help but think about what our future looks like…

When Landon was born, I actually wanted to get pregnant again soon after - despite having a pretty crazy pregnancy with him. I figured, if I end up on bedrest again, I might as well do it before Landon starts walking! (Crazy talk. I'm fully aware.)

But I didn't get my cycle back until his first birthday, and by that point, he was almost weaned, I was finally losing the last bit of baby weight….and the thought of starting all over was so intimidating. I was enjoying my freedom!

I wrote this post when Landon was 16 months old. You should go read that because a lot of my feelings now are similar. I'll wait.

We actually conceived Chase a week after that post. God is funny sometimes.

My incompetent cervix actually cooperated during Chase's pregnancy for the most part, but we had so many other issues - troubling ultrasounds, too much amniotic fluid, etc. - that it was actually harder than my pregnancy with Landon. Like, I felt crazy. Plus there was the whole thing about having a toddler to take care of at the same time.

After Chase was born, I did.not.want. to get pregnant any time soon.

But in case you don't have the privilege of knowing Chase in real life, let me tell you…he is so incredibly sweet and happy and just really an easy baby. Just one look at him and I immediately think how I would honestly go through everything all over again. Chase has been such a blessing to our family! And his sweet chubbiness is reallllly making me want to have another baby sooner than I thought.

But I just really don't like being pregnant. I throw up every day until 15 weeks or so, I have to get a cerclage around 13-15 weeks, I'm at the doctor's office every 2-3 weeks (sometimes more often), and I start having contractions before the morning sickness subsides. And those continue for the rest of the pregnancy. I can't exercise, I can't have sex, and Logan pretty much loses his mind because of all that - plus the fact that he needs to do more of the housework. Because when I do too much I have more contractions. The thought of losing another baby just adds to the insanity...just that possibility alone scares the heck out of me - as well as the possibility of having a premature baby.

Needless to say, pregnancy isn't glamorous over here. Not to mention that high-risk pregnancies are expensive! It turns out money doesn't grow on trees.

Just wanted to mention that I know having rough pregnancies cannot be compared to the cross of infertility. I know how blessed I am to have my 2 boys here and my oldest boy in Heaven, and I don't take that for granted!

Landon will be 3 years old next month. Chase will be 10 months old this week. And while there are certainly crazy days here and there, most days I actually feel like I'm at a good place and could add another kid to this beautiful life. It's just the pregnancy itself that's complicating things!!

So what's a gal to do?? I'm 28 years old with many years of fertility ahead of me. We want more kids. We hate being pregnant. Obviously, adoption is an option, and we really do want to pursue that at some point. But that's probably even more expensive than a high-risk pregnancy.

I loved Haley's post about not feeling guilty about pregnancy anymore...because although it might feel like you're depriving your children for 9 months by not being able to do anything, you're actually giving them the best gift ever. A sibling! After seeing Landon and Chase together, especially recently, makes me much more willing to go through a rough pregnancy again. 9 months is nothing when you look at the big picture (although seriously, it can feel like forever!).

I have to say that I've learned a lot from the last 2 pregnancies, especially the last one where I had a toddler to care for at the same time. And now that I know that every pregnancy will be full of endless contractions (since I was kind of hoping my pregnancy with Landon was a fluke…turns out it was not) and a million other possible problems, I won't be as blindsided next time around. Plus. I have quite a few tricks up my sleeve to make subsequent pregnancies much easier! And of course, as my kids get older, they will be more helpful. It's so crazy (and awesome) to think how much Landon has matured just in the last year.

I also feel like God has been preparing both Logan and myself, in many ways, for another pregnancy. Or maybe he's just preparing us for something else entirely ;)

As with anything in life, I know ultimately that God knows best, and if we are indeed blessed with another baby in utero, He will give us the graces we need to get through it. He always does.

P.S. I had this post in my drafts folder for a few days and during that time, I listened to the new Fountains of Carrots podcast, where they talk mostly about the rosary - but they also brought up hyperemesis during pregnancy. They had a great conversation about redemptive suffering! And I thought it was perfect timing with everything I've been thinking about lately. So you should go listen. :)

Monday, May 4, 2015

Confessions: decluttering edition

I've been having frequent urges to declutter our house and get rid of all.the.things! Much to Logan's dismay. So I thought it'd be fun to admit, more or less, some things through the process…

And yes, that picture is actually of one of the closets in our guest room (the other one looked just as bad). Don't worry, I have an "after" picture at the end of this post!
  • Logan and I have over 130 music CDs. And since most of them were just hiding in our guest room closet, I think it's time to let [most of] them go. I'm finally ready. (I used to buy CDs alllllll the time…so most of them are mine. And sadly, I've already gotten rid of some before.)
  • I have decided to get rid of a lot of toys that have more than a few pieces. So let me just say that if you buy my kids a toy with a bunch of pieces, there's a very good chance that it will not be in our home a few months later. Fair warning. Except Legos and blocks, and things to go with our play kitchen! We like those.

WHY DO I EVEN HAVE THESE? They're basically dinosaurs. (No offense if you have one of these. They're just seriously old.) Sad thing is, I didn't even know we still had them.
  • I briefly considered going through our movies to get rid of some - because I'm sure we have like a hundred, literally - but then I thought, nahhhh. The movies can stay.
  • Plastic containers have invaded our kitchen. I don't even like plastic!!
  • Pretty sure I don't need THREE of the water thermos thingies I get from the hospital when I give birth.
  • Do we really need a comforter for guests when we pull down the futon in our guest room? No. Our overnight guests can use blankets. They will survive. The comforter is ugly, anyways.

The decluttering process. Craziness but worth it! Side note: I let Logan dub this the "sports room" when we first moved and I'm kind of regretting it…(sorry babe)
  • I used to think that getting rid of books was terrible - because they're educational, right? - but decided recently that I'm going to be very picky about books that stay in our house. Yes, I might have enjoyed them the first time I read it, but will I read it again? If the answer is "probably not" then that book is better off in someone else's house. I totally plan to utilize the library and my Kindle in the future. Clutter-free, baby!
  • If there's a book I read to Landon and I'm thinking to myself, "this is stupid", welllllll I'm not going to feel bad about getting rid of it. No need to torture myself by having to read it again. There are too many good books out there!
  • Is it like a rite of passage after baby #2 to get rid of most of the cutesy nursery decor? Or maybe it's just after having 2 boys??
  • I collected 2 boxes of extra clothes hangers. How does that even happen?
  • I'm sure I had big plans for that bundt pan when I made my wedding registry, but…I think I've only used it one time. If that. So long, bundt pan. It was nice knowing you!
 The "after" picture of the guest room closet! Muuuuuuch better. (Those clothes hanging in there are gifts, in case you're wondering.)

And I just need to show off our new "craft closet", the other guest room closet. It's not completely done, but close enough! We have 3 bedrooms, with 2 closets in each room, so we could totally dedicate one in the guest room for all things crafty (except Logan's video equipment is on the top shelf). I'm loving it. And my crafty sister with no closets in her house is jealous. ;)

Please tell me we're not the only ones with TOO MUCH STUFF.  Thankfully, though, a lot of that stuff was officially donated today! Yay.

Friday, May 1, 2015

So much to do and so little time (7QT)

1. Random thoughts
I have a problem with starting too many projects at once. Right now, they include (but aren't limited to): decluttering, revamping ye olde blog, painting and repurposing furniture, and creating a craft closet. So much to do and so little time to do it!

2. Happenings this week

Trip to the library, church playgroup, etc…it was a pretty average week. Logan and I also went on a date and it was lovely!

3. Pictures you haven't seen

 This boy makes me want 10 more babies
 My poor dog…(they totally stayed like that for awhile)
Photography by Logan ;)

4. What I'm reading

  • Voice in the Wind, Mark of the Lion Book 1 (Francine Rivers) - this started off slow because so many characters were introduced and I was confusedbut maybe it's also because I started reading it without knowing what the heck it's about. It's getting better though!
  • Saint John Paul the Great: His Five Loves (Jason Evert) - I read half of this last year, was loving it, and then lost it somehow. While decluttering, I found it, and read it for like an hour today because it was so good! Seriously, JPII is amazing. I love him.

5. What I'm thankful for
  • Both boys napping at the same time today! Miracle!! Seriously, I can probably count on one hand the number of times that has happened. And I definitely sat my booty down and read most of that time.
  • That Logan and I are finally figuring out this marriage thing
  • My parents, who celebrated 33 years of marriage last week!

6. What's on my heart and in my prayers
  • Our country
  • All married couples

7. Words that spoke to me this week
"When we have once placed ourselves entirely in the hands of God, we need fear no evil. If adversity comes, he knows how to turn it to our advantage, by means which will be in time made clear to us." -St. Vincent de Paul

Go see Kelly for more quick takes!


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