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Monday, May 18, 2015

All the thoughts about all the things

I feel like I've been posting too much serious stuff - like marriage and just trying to be better and thoughts on my rough pregnancies - sooo how about some randomness? I hope you like bullet points.

  • When I was at my parents' house last month, I was looking at my baby pictures just to compare them to Chase. A lot of people have been saying he looks so much like me….and yeah. I think they're right.
  • We seem to be having a rodent issue. [insert overwhelmed emoji here] THANKFULLY, they're not actually in the house. But they are in our garage and kind of getting into the walls a little somehow and we really hope they didn't die in there. So if you want to offer up a prayer that there are not dead rats in our walls…that would be lovely.
  • Logan gave my good friend Katie permission to take me out on a "girls day" on one of his off days this week. He deserves an award for Husband of the Year.
  • Landon has suddenly grown up in the last month or so and it's making me a little sad but I'm also loving it. And I seriously can't believe he will be 3 years old in less than 3 weeks!
He drew a "house" and was trying to go inside. Obviously.
  • Everyone keeps posting about life being crazy and all….and things are pretty chill over here. I guess that's what happens when you don't have kids in school yet.
  • Chase's sleeping habits have gone CRAZY and it's making me crazy. At least he's still easy when he's awake!
  • Confession: I have not used cloth diapers since our trip to Asheville. So, a month. I have not gone that long since I started cloth diapering in October 2012. And I just really don't have it in me right now to start using them again! Something is seriously wrong! (Logan isn't complaining though…LOL)
  • I have started writing more (like outside of blogging) and it makes me happy.
  • I'm sure I've mentioned Logan's crazy work schedule a million times…but I have to say that I've embraced it, finally. Yes, I usually have to go to birthday parties and other fun things with the kids by myself, but I'm focusing on the positives. Like the fact that most mornings, we get to be lazy and have breakfast together as a family. And we can do fun things during the week when there aren't crowds.
  • Is there a way to bottle up this thing called contentment and drink it when the going gets really rough? I feel as though it's inevitable…good times don't usually last.
If you've made it this far, you rock. Thanks for listening. :)


  1. I'm going to sound like an old lady at the grocery store, but enjoy those carefree days with your little guys! With my two oldest now school-age and in sports, we have become so busy and I know it's only just begun! I miss those open days with nothing on the calendar, hah!

  2. So many yays for this post! Yay for Instagram (it's my favorite place to be!) and yay for running a 5K!

  3. We finally got an outdoor table this weekend too! Just a picnic table, and the kids already had one... But I'm excited to start having adult meals outside! Of course, the bugs will show up soon enough to ruin that...

  4. Old lady, hahaha. I'm enjoying these days, for sure!

  5. YAY for Instagram!!! And GOOD JOB on tweaking those small things to improve your design! Outside is fun when it's nice weather, but as you know Louisiana doesn't offer too much of that...and bugs are THE WORST! And of course, thanks for the prayers - eventually maybe they'll fill the bank and payout for something awesome. :-p

  6. 7pm is the perfect time to be outside! Sun is setting and not too hot. But then the bugs come out like 15 minutes later LOL. Also...this rain needs to stop.

    Can't wait to see the payout :) Romans 8:28

  7. Yes...this rain is getting ridiculous. REE-DICULOUS!


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