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Monday, May 4, 2015

Confessions: decluttering edition

I've been having frequent urges to declutter our house and get rid of all.the.things! Much to Logan's dismay. So I thought it'd be fun to admit, more or less, some things through the process…

And yes, that picture is actually of one of the closets in our guest room (the other one looked just as bad). Don't worry, I have an "after" picture at the end of this post!
  • Logan and I have over 130 music CDs. And since most of them were just hiding in our guest room closet, I think it's time to let [most of] them go. I'm finally ready. (I used to buy CDs alllllll the time…so most of them are mine. And sadly, I've already gotten rid of some before.)
  • I have decided to get rid of a lot of toys that have more than a few pieces. So let me just say that if you buy my kids a toy with a bunch of pieces, there's a very good chance that it will not be in our home a few months later. Fair warning. Except Legos and blocks, and things to go with our play kitchen! We like those.

WHY DO I EVEN HAVE THESE? They're basically dinosaurs. (No offense if you have one of these. They're just seriously old.) Sad thing is, I didn't even know we still had them.
  • I briefly considered going through our movies to get rid of some - because I'm sure we have like a hundred, literally - but then I thought, nahhhh. The movies can stay.
  • Plastic containers have invaded our kitchen. I don't even like plastic!!
  • Pretty sure I don't need THREE of the water thermos thingies I get from the hospital when I give birth.
  • Do we really need a comforter for guests when we pull down the futon in our guest room? No. Our overnight guests can use blankets. They will survive. The comforter is ugly, anyways.

The decluttering process. Craziness but worth it! Side note: I let Logan dub this the "sports room" when we first moved and I'm kind of regretting it…(sorry babe)
  • I used to think that getting rid of books was terrible - because they're educational, right? - but decided recently that I'm going to be very picky about books that stay in our house. Yes, I might have enjoyed them the first time I read it, but will I read it again? If the answer is "probably not" then that book is better off in someone else's house. I totally plan to utilize the library and my Kindle in the future. Clutter-free, baby!
  • If there's a book I read to Landon and I'm thinking to myself, "this is stupid", welllllll I'm not going to feel bad about getting rid of it. No need to torture myself by having to read it again. There are too many good books out there!
  • Is it like a rite of passage after baby #2 to get rid of most of the cutesy nursery decor? Or maybe it's just after having 2 boys??
  • I collected 2 boxes of extra clothes hangers. How does that even happen?
  • I'm sure I had big plans for that bundt pan when I made my wedding registry, but…I think I've only used it one time. If that. So long, bundt pan. It was nice knowing you!
 The "after" picture of the guest room closet! Muuuuuuch better. (Those clothes hanging in there are gifts, in case you're wondering.)

And I just need to show off our new "craft closet", the other guest room closet. It's not completely done, but close enough! We have 3 bedrooms, with 2 closets in each room, so we could totally dedicate one in the guest room for all things crafty (except Logan's video equipment is on the top shelf). I'm loving it. And my crafty sister with no closets in her house is jealous. ;)

Please tell me we're not the only ones with TOO MUCH STUFF.  Thankfully, though, a lot of that stuff was officially donated today! Yay.


  1. Oh this is awesome!! Everyone is into the de-cluttering these days...it almost makes me want to start purging too. Then again, I tell myself we don't have THAT much stuff....right?! ;)

  2. How's the blog consultant search going? I see you did change the header line after all.

  3. I'd say if you can keep your house clean, you're fine :) We couldn't! But even a little purging is good for the soul, I think!

  4. I'll probably email Bonnie eventually, but right now I'm just making small changes. I know there are a lot of things I could do better!

  5. It's not a bad idea to do some of it on your own...learning those basics will help with understanding how it all works.
    Here We Geaux

    Subject: Re: Comment on Into Your Will: Blogging, baby hair, and St. Louis de Montfort (7QT)

  6. Brittany StairesMay 6, 2015 at 6:27 AM

    Awww. I remember when ya'll had those phones! :)


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