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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

What makes me a better wife and mom (5Faves)

One of the lessons I'm really learning this year is how important it is to take care of myself. And that doesn't just mean the usual stuff like eat, sleep, and shower. I'm talking about taking the time to do things that make me happy. Because doing those things actually makes me a better wife and a better mom!

Whenever I feel overwhelmed/frustrated/burned out, it's usually because I'm not taking time to do a couple (or all, on a good day) of these favorite things of mine every day! In no particular order, here we go:


Books have always been one of my favorite things. It was a little ridiculous how much I read as a kid, but once I had babies….reading was pushed to the back burner. Until the last several months! Reading calms me, makes me feel productive (is that weird?), and since I tend to read more non-fiction that fiction, I learn a lot. (I'm not saying you can't learn from reading fiction…)
Christmas 1994. It's like my parents told me I was going to Disney World!


I've always been the athletic type, and I've noticed the periods in life that I'm actually exercising on a regular basis are the times where I just really have my act together in general (NOT when I'm pregnant, unfortunately). Surely not a coincidence, right? Not only does exercising motivate me in other areas, it's a great outlet to get out any frustration or nervous energy. And when I'm able to go run by myself, I get that much-needed alone time as well. Win win!

Praying the rosary.

If you had told me a few months ago that this would have made me happy, I probably would have laughed. But since I've made this a part of my routine, I can honestly say I look forward to having these [very essential] 20 minutes or so of prayer time. I wish I could adequately explain how much difference just this one thing makes in a day!! Future post, perhaps.

My friend Elena made this rosary for me! Isn't it pretty?


My introverted mind has lots of thoughts and writing them down makes me feel better. That's why I've kept a journal for almost 12 years! And of course this here blog is an outlet for me as well.

Doing something that will make my family happy.

We've all heard that when you give, you tend to get more in return. Which is so true. So I love seeing the look on Landon's face when I sit down to play with him or read to him instead of doing housework. Or Logan's reaction when I do something spontaneous that goes along with his love languages - like give him a big ol' hug or compliment him.

I decided to lie down on the floor in the playroom the other day while Landon and Chase were playing, and both boys (plus the dog) took that as an invitation to climb all over me. They loved it - and it was such a precious moment. Sometimes it's the little things!

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