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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

5 favorite things about The Honest Co. (that you probably didn't know)

I'm a big fan of the Honest Company and their products. Big fan. And after group texting with some friends about it, I realized that there are some things that a lot of people don't know! So let me share 5 favorite things that I love about the Honest Company...

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. I just love Honest Co. But I will include my personal invite link at the end of this post in case you want to sign up for their online bundles. Because then I get credit. And that would make me happy. But more about that later!

1) Their products are cheaper when you enroll in the online bundle.

Target has some of their products in stores, but not all. I'm enrolled in their Essentials bundle (which is both personal care and cleaning products) through Honest's website,  so I get 5 products for $35.95. You can also get an additional 3 products for for 25% off - which I definitely do every time I order, because shipping is free once you spend $50. I'm a math person, so I make sure I spend just above $50 (my total is normally $51-52. Once it was $50.09!). So that means I get 8 products for about $6.50 each. Many of those products retail for $9.95-$13.95. Some retail for $4.95-$5.95…but you're still getting a better deal overall.

There is one exception to this - the shampoo + body wash is the cheapest at Costco. 2 big ol' bottles for $15 (and it was on sale for cheaper last month!!). That's the only Honest Company product I've seen at Costco, though.

2) You don't have to order every month.

Most people don't know this! They just assume it's a monthly subscription. You can set your bundle to ship every 4, 5, or 6 weeks if you want.... but you can also keep pushing back the ship date. I tend to push back the ship date until I know I need 8 products - that way I can get free shipping. They send you an email 2-3 days before your order will ship so you just need to make sure and push back the date if you're not ready for another order.

3) They're constantly improving their products, as well as adding new ones.

That really says something about a company - improving current products means they're listening to feedback. And I do a little happy dance every time I notice a new product that I'm interested in! Today I saw they added facial cleansing towelettes, so I'm totally ordering them with my next bundle.

4) They came out with a baby formula this year.

Breast is best, of course. And The Honest Company knows that! But for some people who still have to supplement (*raises hand*) or chooses to (which is okay, too!), it's really nice to have an option that isn't full of sugar and other harmful ingredients.

This was really a God thing, because TWO DAYS after I made the realization that the formula Chase was currently getting had the main ingredient of glucose syrup solids - which is a fancy term for, um, sugar - I got an email from Honest Co introducing their new formula. Which was perfect because I had already looked into other formulas but couldn't find one that wasn't organic and non-GMO. (Side note: glucose syrup solids is actually in every formula that I've seen, which is a bummer, but at least it's organic in the Honest brand and it's not the main ingredient.)

Chase loves the formula, which is important, and I also love how signing up for their online formula bundle means it is shipped straight to my door!

I should mention that it's probably double the cost of the formula I was buying, but I figured we only had 4 more months of buying formula. Plus, there was just no way I could continue giving Chase any other formula in good conscience! His health is priority, so we made it work with our budget.

5) They have great customer service. 

If you do sign up for an online bundle, the only way to cancel it is to call. Some people might not like that, but really, it was easy and painless. I just had to cancel Chase's formula bundle, since we have enough to last until his first birthday, and it literally took one minute. I was barely on hold before an employee answered and cancelled my bundle within seconds. She was super nice.

I also did the whole live chat thing today too, which is really convenient, and that person was nice too!

AND I also sent them an email just to make sure it was okay that I was doing this little post on this little blog of mine - and they responded within 30 minutes! I'm an even bigger fan now.

I could probably do a completely different post about my favorite products, but there are many! So feel free to ask me about a certain product and I'll let you know if I've tried it yet.

If you want to sign up for a bundle, please consider using my personal invite link! Click here to do so. I rarely use affiliate links on my blog (can't remember the last time, honestly), so I'd appreciate it if you use this one! Every little bit helps :)

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  1. We use and LOVE Honest Co. too! We do both the diapers and the essentials bundles and have loved everything we've tried.

  2. On a slightly related note - do you make your own laundry detergent? Amy shared a recipe that I've been using for over a year now. SO cheap!

  3. I have before but stopped because it wasn't good for cloth diapers. Even though I wasn't using the detergent to wash diapers, the residue or whatever from the detergent stuck around in the washer (I'm assuming) and was messing with the absorbency of the diapers. But yep, it can super cheap to make your own!

  4. Oh okay. Now that you say that it sounds familiar. Something to think about if we have children.
    Here We Geaux

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