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Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Day in the Life

I've thought about doing one of these for awhile but never remember at the beginning of a day. So last week, when I thought about it during breakfast, I was all, yeahhh let's do it. I even took extra blurry iPhone pictures for you. So, you're welcome. This particular day was when Logan worked the evening shift.

Ok. Let's get to it! (And I should say I didn't put EVERY detail, like every diaper change or trip to the bathroom and every text message I responded to, etc. because this took too long to type as it was. But this was generally how our day went...and many days look very similar to this.)

6am: Chase wakes up fussing, so I bring him into bed with me to nurse him. He kinda falls back asleep, then wants to nurse again.

6:45: Lil boy is officially wide awake. Logan and I are too lazy to get up, so we hang out in bed and play with Chase.

7:30: I head downstairs with Chase while Logan checks on Landon (who will NOT sleep in a big bed yet...so crib it is still). I turn on the oven and get biscuits out of the freezer for breakfast. Feed the dog, let her outside, get Chase a bottle, fix my coffee, start a load of laundry. Logan comes downstairs with Landon and starts scrambling eggs while I put the biscuits in the oven.

8am: Sit down to eat. We often do big breakfasts since that's when Logan is home, as opposed to a big dinner...which is really nice because I LOVE breakfast.

8:30: I run upstairs to get dressed and somehow get sidetracked by decluttering my closet. Again. I'm determined to keep only things I love! Logan brings the boys upstairs so he can get dressed too.

9am: Logan leaves to run an errand. The boys are playing well, so I switch the laundry to the dryer, put away breakfast dishes, and get carrot soup out of the freezer to eat later. I do a little general straightening up and then sit down with the boys to play with them for a few minutes (I'm trying to be better about this!!).

10am: Chase is ready for his nap a little early, so I head upstairs to put him down while Landon is engrossed in a puzzle. I come downstairs and clean up a little bit more so I can vacuum the front of the house.

10:30: Logan gets home so we talk while I mop. Landon "helps" me mop when I'm done.

11am: I realized earlier that our library books were due that day, so I get Landon and myself ready and head out to the library.

12pm: Landon and I get home to find Chase is up from his nap, and Logan is playing with our Silhouette Cameo, crafting it up (as he is known to do). I heat up the carrot soup and give Chase a bottle. We all sit down to eat and talk.

1pm: Logan goes into the garage to exercise. The nice librarian lady had given us a craft activity during our visit, so I set Landon up with that. Chase is playing well (good babies are such a blessing!!), so I straighten up some more so I can vacuum and mop the back of the house. Our house is 2200 square feet so it takes me awhile to clean the floors. Thankfully I vacuumed the upstairs carpet a few days earlier!

1:30: Logan comes inside to shower and get ready for work. Chase is getting fussy since it's close to his second nap, and Landon keeps asking to watch a movie, so I sit down to occupy them until Logan leaves (I tell Landon he can watch a movie once Daddy leaves for work. It works.). I may or may not have been playing on my phone too during this time...

2pm: Put on a movie for Landon and I head upstairs to put Chase down for a nap again. I start my rosary while I rock him to sleep and then walk back downstairs to finish praying the rest. (I really strive to have quiet afternoons like I explained in this post.)

2:30: I pause Landon's movie to get him to potty so I can jump in the shower quickly. Of course this turns into a marathon because he ends up having to poop right after washing his hands the first time...and I also got distracted by opening my laptop to publish a post *real quick* (HA) and looking at other stuff online and texting friends at the same time. I finally put Landon's movie back on and shower.

3pm: Chase is still napping (yay!) so I get snacks for Landon and myself. I plop myself down right next to him on the loveseat and spend time writing, internet surfing, and reading. It's lovely. I resist the temptation to make coffee.

4:15: Landon plays after his movie is over. I'm reading Kristin Lavransdatter.

4:30: Chase is up!
I sit to cuddle with him in recliner, and of course Landon wants to join us. So all 3 of us are chilling in the recliner, having a nice old time...

I was trying to take a picture of Chase because he was being so stinking' cute....and then Landon decides to kick him. Not sure if it was on purpose or on accident.

But somebody wasn't happy. My poor baby. (You see the toddler foot?! Sigh.) I fix a sippy cup for him instead of a bottle (since I'm starting to slooowly wean him from the bottle) and then start making smoothies for Landon and me. I'm interrupted by poop (not mine!). Get that situation cleared up, finish the smoothies...and I spill half of mine. So I make more.

Landon trips and almost spills his smoothie. We are heading down a not-so-good path here.

5:15: I sit down to drink my smoothie while the boys play. What do you know...another poop interruption. Lots of poop. I'm done with poop. I'll spare you the details. (I knew the day was going too well!!)

5:30: Put Chase in high chair with a sliced banana, feed Marley who is making me crazy, and I sit down again to finish my smoothie....but Landon wants to eat. So I heat up dinner - I keep it simple with this (which is cheaper at Costco FYI and it's yummy and meatless, perfect for Fridays) along with crackers for dipping - and finally sit down to eat with Landon.

Nevermind. Chase is done his banana, so I put him in the play room which is right next to the kitchen. I'm suddenly very tired and wishing I had indulged in that afternoon cup of coffee.

6pm: I wish I was kidding when I say this, but...more poop. I will finish dinner at some point. Thankfully, Landon took it upon himself to give Chase a toy and himself a puzzle so they're happy. Praise the Lord. I sit to eat again and try to read while Marley is barking at a dog in the street.

7pm: I give Chase his last bottle and then start to wash dishes while Landon and Marley partake in their nightly "get all the crazies out" routine. Landon is riding a toy truck, chasing Marley, who is running all over the house. There's barking and yelling. Chase just watches while playing underneath the kitchen table (his favorite hangout these days).

7:20: I have Landon start to clean the playroom while I let Marley outside. I help Landon finish up, and then we head into the living room to change into pajamas and read a book.

7:50: Head upstairs. Landon potties and brushes his teeth. Put him in bed, say a prayer, and kiss him good night.

8pm: One down, one to go. I rock Chase while doing a little prayer time. So many special intentions!

8:20: Chase appears to be sleeping, so I put him in his bed, and juuuust when I think I'm in the clear...his eyes pop open and he rips the pacifier out of his mouth. Dang. Guess his 2 good naps is pushing back bedtime. Back to the rocking chair.

8:30: Chase is finally sleeping. I go downstairs to let Marley back in and get a bowl of strawberries to snack on. What to do, what to do? The possibilities are endless! ;)

I decide to write a little, then fall victim to the Internet Time Suck. Ugh.

10:00: Finally decide I should put my laptop away and go upstairs. I might have checked a few more things online between getting ready for bed and all.

10:45: Get in bed to read a little more.

11:00: Realize I'm falling asleep so I put the book away and go to sleep. (Logan doesn't get home until midnight or so.)

Whew, that was longer than I was expecting. Sorry! You must really love me if you made it this far. :)

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