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Monday, June 22, 2015

Defeating the I.T.S.

I've really been trying to be better lately about housework and maintaining a somewhat clean home...without neglecting my children. Because they're the most important. Some days I just really have my act together, staying on top of laundry and dishes, and even managing to do a little deep cleaning and maybe a fun project - in addition to actually sitting down with my boys to play with them or read books.

Then other days, I feel like I'm drowning and haven't done a single thing to keep the house in decent shape. And my kids are whiny and seem to need me at every moment. What gives?

Well. I have discovered the main culprit.

My BFF, MacBook Air

I recently gave myself a rule to not pop this baby open until after lunch. Because as soon as I do open my laptop, I enter what I like to call ITS. Internet Time Suck. It doesn't matter if I was just going to pay a bill *real quick* or do a google search for a minute. I end up checking my email, reading blogs, looking at Facebook, etc. I have the intention of spending 2 minutes on the computer and it turns into 20.

Seriously. There's no such thing as checking something online "real quick". I will inevitably become a victim to the ITS. And it has to stop.

Now that I'm fully aware of this - as well as the fact that life is SO MUCH BETTER if I keep my mornings screen-free - I'm more motivated to get other things done sooner rather later. And who doesn't love to have an empty sink and dishwasher, clean counters, and a clean load of laundry done (maybe not folded yet, but it's something)...all before 10am?

The thing that really clinched it for me was when I found myself fussing at Landon for trying to talk to me while I was catching up on my blog reading. At 9am. He just wanted my attention, but instead of actually listening to him, all I was doing was looking at my dang computer and then fussing him for interrupting me! So crazy. So now I'm putting my laptop away until the later in the day when I've given him some attention and have done other important things like housework. Because a happy toddler and a clean house means a happy momma.

Then I have the afternoon to do all my fave stuff like reading, writing, and whatever. It's lovely. Plus I can usually doing fun things with my kids when they're not napping.

And I just have to say that setting a timer is a great motivator to get.things.done. Exhibit A:

Cringe. But 5 minutes later....

Heck yeah. Thanks to my friend Ashley for wanting to hold each other accountable! :)

I should say that there about a million times where I'm tempted to open my laptop in the morning (please tell me I'm not the only one?) but I fight that urge to the death. And I end up so glad I did! It's the same thing with praying the rosary....I think of a million things I want to do first but really the rosary is more important, obviously. And if I don't take advantage of praying at the first opportunity, another one might not come. (Trust me on this!)

Also, in full disclosure, I have to admit I do check my phone here and there, mostly when I sit down to eat. But I'm much less likely to succumb to the ITS on my phone than my laptop, since I don't have the Facebook app anymore and I just rather using a keyboard to do my random google searches.

Okay, I hope I haven't bored you to death with my life epiphanies and crazy ramblings. Til next time...

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