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Friday, July 31, 2015

An old-fashioned vacation (kind of)

My parents, siblings, and all our little ones (7 grandkids among us 3 siblings) stayed in a cute cabin by a river in north Alabama for 5 days this past week. And it was so nice! It was a very off-the-grid vacation with no cell service...but I actually liked that. We did have wi-fi (which meant at least we could text people who had iPhones too) but we couldn't stream Netflix or anything because of the bandwidth. But that's okay! Here are a few highlights of our trip, in 7 quick take style, with pictures:

The river
It was a short hike from our cabin to the river, and although the water was super low for the most part, it was still fun to wade in!


Sadly, I have no pictures of the canoeing we also did (too nervous about bringing a camera on water!), so here's the next best thing:
We did a little fishing in the canoes. Landon got to use his new pole (and net) that was bought using some of his birthday money! He LOVED going on "the boat."

Logan and I got to go on a canoeing "date", and he caught a fish! And a tree. And we almost flipped over due to his expert steering skills. But it was fun. ;)

Screened-in porch

Seriously, I think I'm putting this on the list of requirements for a new house if we ever move. Because, perfection. Sounds of nature + a good book (+ maybe a mojito) = bliss

And the fireplace on the porch was pretty perfect for making s'mores. Yummy.

Board games
Well, it's a good thing we brought some games because of the limited technology! And I didn't get any pictures of our Monopoly marathons, but this was happening a few feet away:
I feel obligated to mention that I KICKED BOOTY in our last game of Monopoly. (Maybe next time will be your turn, Lindsey...ha)

 This was the only water fall that wasn't dried up (there should have been several along the trails we took), but it was still pretty neat.

 Chase was enjoying a little freedom from my back while we took a much-needed break

3 one-year olds, 3 three-year olds, and a 7-year old. Fun fun fun. (No really, it was fun!)

Cousin love
 "Cheeeeeese" (they were proud of their rocks)

Okay, so maybe Chase didn't love when Leah and Amelie would steal his food...

In case you're new here (or didn't know), I have a twin sister! That's her. We got to celebrate our birthday TOGETHER on Saturday for the first time in years - since we live in different states now. So that was neat. And we're holding our twin nieces...because God is funny sometimes. (And we're both fraternal twins, if that's not completely obvious.)

I'm pretty blessed to have a family that just really enjoys hanging out together. And I'm super excited we took some cute pictures!

 My parents (They're THE BEST, in case you didn't know)
 My brother and his family
 My sister and her family
And that makes 7 things so I'll spare you the 200 other pictures I took on the trip. Go see Kelly at This Ain't the Lyceum for more quick takes!

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