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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The very hungry caterpillar plays soccer (or something like that)

Confession: I pick our kids' birthday party themes several months in advance. And somehow they end up being the most perfect themes ever! For Landon's 1st birthday, I picked Curious George, which is hilarious because Landon = George. Like for real. The naughtiness, curiosity, the babbling. Yep.

And in Chase's case, I actually picked the theme before he was born - I knew I wanted to take his monthly pictures with The Very Hungry Caterpillar teething rattle I found on clearance for like $2. And OH MY GOSH, Chase ended up being a very hungry caterpillar himself. He took his good ol' time in the whole mobility department, crawling a week before his birthday. And he eats and eats and eats. So, Chase = hungry caterpillar. For reals.

ANYWAY. Like I mentioned before, we combined Landon's 3rd birthday and Chase's 1st birthday for a big ol' birthday bash. Prepare yourself for picture overload. (Although I have to admit I didn't take as many pictures of the details as I would have liked. Maybe that's a good thing...ha.)

Cupcakes from scratch are THE BEST. Chocolate with cream cheese icing (also from scratch). Thanks to my momma for helping!
Forgot to take close-ups of the food but I will say I tried really, really hard to simplify the food this year. And I did do better than previous years but it still takes time and money to feed 60-ish people. I just like having plenty options because everybody loves to eat at a party!
I thought it would be cute to have all the food the caterpillar ate in the book...but decided it'd be easier to go the candy route. And it was. (I got desperate for the apples....but the rest is cute!)
 The sugar cookies were in the shapes of caterpillars and butterflies! This was the only "activity" I planned, and it was a do-it-yourself thing. The kids are just really good at finding things to do.
Party favors
 Cheerios for the babies, and for the big kids - notebook, pencil, and a sucker
Thanks to my daddy for driving to Walgreens an hour before the party to pick up the pictures! Because I'm a slacker. ;)

 I knew he would love his cupcake...because he IS a very hungry caterpillar. ;)

 It didn't take him long to just grab the whole thing like a hamburger to eat it. So funny.

And just for fun how about a little flashback to Landon's 1st birthday...

 I love this picture! Chase with Noanie and Maw Maw

Somebody was TIRED from all the partying.

Party = Success!

In case you're interested in the details...

  • Birthday shirts: my cousin at MissSewItAllBoutique
  • Caterpillar picture banner and happy birthday banner: Me!
  • Caterpillar food labels: free download at Polka Dots and Puppies, at the bottom of the blog post
  • Soccer treat bags, plates, napkins, cupcake liners and toppers: Michael's (on super clearance so I don't know if they have them anymore)
  • Pendant banner: Oriental Trading, on clearance for $1 or so (I added the foam soccer balls in between, which were from Hobby Lobby...although I could have easily printed some myself. Oh well.)
  • Notebooks, soccer pencils and soccer suckers: Oriental Trading
  • Random caterpillar, butterfly, and cocoon cut-outs: Amazon (the price went way up after I ordered it)
  • The big' ol caterpillar on the wall by the food: Logan!
  • Very Hungry Caterpillar favor bag topper: instant download at ThePurpleMonkeyShop

(No affiliate links because I'm lazy and no, none of these people know I'm linking to them)

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