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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What I'm loving lately (5Faves)

I've started a few blog posts recently but can't seem to finish them...so how about I share some of my favorite things lately instead? This is not a sponsored post nor are there affiliate links...I just really like these things. Mmkay? Okay. Onward. (But if you're buying something on Amazon totally find another blogger to support! Or shop through Amazon Smile to support a charity - one of my faves is Woman's New Life Center in the New Orleans area.)

The Fresh Factory deodorant
My sister told me about this deodorant her friend makes that I should try, but then I forgot about it because that's what I do. BUT Jess (my sis) gave me a try-it size as part of my birthday gift last month, and after a few weeks of using it....I can honestly say I love it. The only thing I find weird (but am kind of getting used to) is that you have to put it on with your fingers, as opposed to rolling it on. But I love it so much I can deal. You can add essential oils to it if you want but I haven't tried that yet.

Nalgene water bottles
I've been on a search for the perfect sippy cup and I am fairly certain it doesn't exist. However, we've had the best luck with these Nalgene water bottles. Landon has been having his for over a year now and I recently ordered the green one for Chase because all his other cups are making me CRAZY. And now I'm color-coding everything - i.e. blue toothbrush for Landon, green toothbrush for Chase. Because I'm weird like that.

Shorter Christian Prayer
I really want to dedicate another post to this, but how about a short version? I've grown a love for the Liturgy of the Hours but got frustrated about the fact that it's nearly impossible to do all the hours when you have kids (I'm an "all in" kind of gal). Then I discovered Shorter Christian Prayer which is just morning and evening prayer. Which is totally doable! And the book is kind of adorable (is that weird to say?) and I love it. (Hopefully I'll expand on this in a future post at some point.)

Chews Life Rosary
The second I saw these rosaries, I knew they would be a perfect gift! So I bought one for our new goddaughter for her baptism. It is super cute and I want one for Chase now!

Usborne books
I bought their Alphabet sticker book at a homeschool conference in April, and Landon LOVES it. So I gladly ordered more books when my sister hosted a party last month. (Landon is looking at his big dinosaur book in the picture - which goes perfectly with his toy dinos!) Then my sister had to go and sign up as an Usborne consultant which means we will buy even more books whenever we can fit it in the budget. But that's okay because they're awesome books. I just hosted a party for her and earned a bunch of free and half-price books which is SO FUN and I'm totally counting down the days until our books arrive.

Go check out more favorites at Jenna's!

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