"When a soul recognises the will of God and shows a readiness to submit to it entirely, then God gives Himself to such a soul and renders it most powerful succour under all circumstances." - Rev. Jean-Pierre de Caussade

Thursday, September 24, 2015

29 things

I was inspired by Ashley's lists of 100 little things, and when I saw Modern Mrs. Darcy post some of her 100 dreams, I knew I had to make my own list. I started it with the intention of listing only 50 things because I'm not what you would call an overly ambitious person (realist would be more like it). But then I got stuck at 29 things for a few weeks and felt a little slacker-ish. But! It actually works out because I'm 29 years old and...29 things. Let's go with that.

I would like to do most of these things in the next year or so, but I also know that things happen, and God has His own timing...so I'm not exactly putting a deadline on this. But these are things that I definitely want to do at some point in life. (And some of these sound completely ridiculous, I know...)

  1. Take a road trip without a destination in mind.
  2. Update my blog design.
  3. Write a book.
  4. Host a family game night for our friends.
  5. Go on a silent retreat (by myself!).
  6. Have a staycation in New Orleans with the kids.
  7. Go on an overnight date with Logan.
  8. Go blueberry picking.
  9. Take a couples dance class with Logan.
  10. Crochet a new-to-me pattern.
  11. Start a pregnancy loss support organization.
  12. Make homemade refried beans.
  13. Adopt a baby.
  14. Make my own yogurt.
  15. Have a no-spend month. (or maybe just 2 weeks?....realist, I tell you)
  16. Read 2 books a month. (Totally getting better at this!!)
  17. Paint another piece of furniture (like I did earlier this year).
  18. Get back to journaling once or twice a week (right now it's more like every 2-4 weeks, yikes).
  19. Open an Esty shop.
  20. Start making my own sandwich bread. (Anyone got a good recipe??)
  21. Figure out the best way to put up a fence around our house (inspired by this incident).
  22. Make a photo book for each of our big trips during the last year.
  23. Start waking up before the kids consistently.
  24. Buy a new mattress.
  25. Take the kids on a Safari Wagon Tour at Global Wildlife
  26. Do a giveaway on my blog.
  27. Go indoor rock-climbing.

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