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Saturday, September 5, 2015

And somehow we still all like each other

Once upon a time (okay...in 2013), there were 6 friends who decided to go on vacation together...
...with our families too. Which also meant 6 husbands and 13 kids.

It was fun. So fun that we decided to do it again the following year. (Okay, one family decided not to go. But we still love them).
And just so you know how dedicated we are to this trip: I was 7 weeks postpartum (and looking SO not-beach ready), another friend was 2 weeks (!!) postpartum and another was very pregnant. So you know...dedication. Because we love each other.

By this point, we had added 4 new babies to the mix for a grand total of 15 kids. In the same condo.
We took this picture after one family of 5 had already left. But you get the idea!

I guess I don't have to tell you that these same 5 families went to Gulf Shores again this year for our annual beach trip. And it was crazy and fun and we didn't want to leave! I know people always say never to vacation with friends but I really couldn't imagine NOT going on vaca with some of my BFFs.

10 adults + 16 kids (and another one in utero) in a 6-bedroom condo. And somehow we still all like each other!
From 2014 to 2015! I seriously love doing pictures like these. They grow so fast...
Okay, last one, I promise...from 2013 to 2015 because somehow we didn't get a picture of all 3 last year.

Our kids all get along, we all get along, and we all just take care of each other's kids as if they're our own. It doesn't matter whose baby was crying - somebody would pick him up. So nice.
If this picture doesn't say PRO-LIFE...I don't know what does. ;)
The condo isn't directly on the beach (that's the bay in the background) so it was a short 2-minute drive to the beach...but we had a pool in our backyard. (Logan is swimming too, he just blends in with the kids!)

 The ladies! Minus the very, very pregnant one. (You missed out, C, sorry!)
I look totally spastic but Ashley looks awesome! This short white girl can't jump.
 The babies!

 We always go to The Track one night so the kids can ride some rides. The non-riding babies weren't too excited...

 Our entourage waiting while the dads and the big kids (and a couple moms) rode the big go-carts.

Most of our time was spent at the condo, just hanging out. And it was pretty awesome. One day Chase and I napped for 3 hours!!
 Me with one of my adorable goddaughters
 One of the calmer moments ;) #thankyoutechnology
 Our nights were filled with wine and playing Monopoly and Loaded Questions (HILARIOUS game, by the way) and staying up way past my bedtime.

 We went to the beach in the evening the last 2 nights of the trip and it was lovely.
 Logan helped the boys build a race car...Max was thrilled. Sand castles are overrated.
 BUT Dominic was pretty thrilled with his creation.
 Chase just chilled on his towel while his buddy Zac ate sand and tried to crawl into the ocean.
I'm so, so blessed to have this group to do fun things together and even blessed to know there are several more friends I'd be willing to vacation with one day. I think the true test of a friendship is to be able spend one week together and still miss each other the day after returning home. (We may or may not have texted the ENTIRE day. Love you ladies!)
And I will end with a mushy pic because this is my blog and I do what I want. :) Can't wait til next year!

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