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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

What I'm thankful for (5Faves)

Since the past few weeks have been a little crazy, I was totally thinking about writing a 5Faves post on what I'm thankful for this week. Because, well, Thanksgiving. And then Ashley put it as one of her idea prompts, so it must be meant to be! I'll try not to be too sappy, but...no promises.

1. New baby
 First things first! I had an ultrasound this week and am so thankful to report that things are looking good. Baby is due right around Chase's 2nd birthday...which means (God willing) they'll be less than 2 years apart since I always go early. So crazy to think about, since that's a smaller gap than Landon and Chase. But we're excited!
It's not the best picture because Dr. H had to use their dinosaur machine (ultrasound tech was backed up), so we go back in a couple weeks for the official ultrasound. But we saw one baby with a heartbeat!

2. Best hubby ever
Logan has been so great lately. Seriously. First the ultimate surprise and now he's been taking over the dishes because my gag reflex is not my best friend right now. Thanks, babe! You're the best.

3. Big 3-year old
I am so thankful that Landon is super helpful these days. And he lets me takes naps and even joins me sometimes. It's like he knows I'm not feeling well, because he randomly tells me he loves me. So sweet. He also totally gets the baby-in-my-belly thing (which surprises me) so I know he will be really helpful with a newborn.

4. Goofy 1-year old
Gosh, this boy just brings so much joy to everybody. Even though I feel like crap just like the last 3 pregnancies, it's somewhat easier this time because Chase is a pretty easy baby. So, so thankful. And I'm thankful he takes long naps so I can too!

5. A break
Life is slowing down just in time for Advent, and I'm thrilled. I'm so happy to get back to spending more time with my boys, reading them lots of books and catching up on my own book list. I'm hoping I can really focus on Advent this year too. Being pregnant always seems to help with that (because I have seriously been pregnant during Advent every single time). 
Here's a picture that did not make it onto our Christmas cards this year...and yes, that is drool (or snot?) on my shoulder. #keepingitreal

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