"When a soul recognises the will of God and shows a readiness to submit to it entirely, then God gives Himself to such a soul and renders it most powerful succour under all circumstances." - Rev. Jean-Pierre de Caussade

Friday, January 1, 2016

Bring it on, 2016 (7QT)

1. I married a good man
I know I'm the blogger and writer in the family, but I should tell you that Logan has a way with words too! He posted this on Tuesday, the 6th anniversary of losing Levi. Just in case you aren't friends with us on Facebook or missed it, I wanted to share it here because it's so beautiful and made me cry:
"My faith has never been tested more than it has 6 years ago at this time in the morning. Our life as newlyweds went from high to low in the blink of an eye. I asked for a lot of prayers that day and had to watch my wife go through things I'd never wish on any enemy. It was the longest 24 hours of our life... 
God may not answer every prayer, but He does listen. He takes the tragic moments and lifts them up for even greater blessings...His son's death and resurrection is proof of that. Every single aspect of my life life today is correlated to December 29, 2009. It's made me stronger in every way and more passionate about callings I never knew existed. 
People often ask how many kids we have. I'm reminded, every time this question comes up, that my boy in heaven is looking down waiting for me to answer. 
I see him in Landon, I see him in Chase. I see him in Jen, and I see him in the mirror.God has a plan for every moment and challenge in our lives. If we embrace Him with love and guidance, there is nothing we can't overcome. 
Happy Birthday Levi Anthony. Your parents and little brothers love you."

2. Saint of the year
I've been picking a saint of the year the last couple of years and was looking forward to it again! And I'm so, so excited who I got for 2016...
 St. Joseph! Chase's middle name was almost Joseph, so if this baby in utero is a boy, his middle name will likely be Joseph. (Logan nixed it for a first name because he's crazy and hates every name I throw out. Post for another day...) Anyway, St. Joseph has become very near and dear to my heart ever since I was pregnant with Chase. Love him.

Go pick a saint! http://saintsnamegenerator.com

3. Word of the year
I've also been picking a word of the year for the last couple of years too, and after debating for a few days, I've finally decided on one: rest. This was inspired by Crystal at MoneySavingMom.com. The last few years I've been saying "yes" a lot - running a huge silent auction 2 years in a row, lots of volunteering at church, etc. - and I finally realized that I can take a break. My guys at home are priority. Not to mention the whole having another baby thing. So, yeah. Rest. (But I should say that I also want to finally spend more time on a couple personal endeavors that volunteer work has been replacing.)

4. Baby update
I had a doctor appointment on Tuesday AKA Levi's day. Logan was kind of freaking out about it, but I was too distracted thinking about Levi to really worry. And thankfully, baby in utero had a good heartbeat and my cervix seems to be cooperating! My cerclage (procedure to stitch my cervix closed) is scheduled for Tuesday morning so if you could say a prayer for baby and me I would be eternally grateful. I'm so nervous, even though this is my 3rd cerclage.

P.S. 13 weeks today! 2nd trimester, yay!

5. Most popular posts in 2015
Instead of dedicating an entire post to it, I figured I'd just dedicate one take to share my most popular posts published this year. Thanks to anybody who shared or linked to these!
a. What you're actually saying "yes" to
b. Let's talk about sex, baby....figures.
c. When all you want to do is run away (from your marriage)
d. Being open to life when you have rough pregnancies...this was nice to read again.
e. Some things you never forget (and our NFP status)...and this was kind of funny/ironic to read considering we got pregnant just over 2 months later. (And I totally remember conceiving this baby too. Is that weird? Is that TMI??)

Needless to say, I think my niche revolves around marriage and having babies. Imagine that.

6. Some of my favorite posts from 2015
I do love the ones that were most popular, but I also loved these in case you want to humor me and read more of my posts:
a. That time my dog ran away and I was reminded of God's mercy..this was one of those posts that just wrote itself and reading it back I'm like, Did I really write this? Inspired by the Holy Spirit, for sure.
b. Our daily "yes"...I needed to read this again.
c. Sacrifice. Maybe it's not as complicated as we think......I also needed to read this again.
d. Get your crap together
e. What I love about the rosary

Okay, so I guess my niche also includes spiritual things. 'Tis the mind of a melancholic.

7.  Tell Your Heart to Beat Again - Danny Gokey
I heard this song for the first time on Tuesday on my way home from my appt. Totally made me cry. (I attempted to embed a video so hopefully it worked. You might have to click through to the real post if you're reading with a feed reader.)

For some reason, this year on December 29 was much harder than the last couple of years - maybe because it was a Tuesday just like in 2009 AND I was at the hospital again. It felt like deja vu and I cried a lot which is totally not typical for me. But, hormones. They cray.

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