"When a soul recognises the will of God and shows a readiness to submit to it entirely, then God gives Himself to such a soul and renders it most powerful succour under all circumstances." - Rev. Jean-Pierre de Caussade

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sharknado, Etsy, & perhaps the easiest pregnancy yet

Louisiana got some crazy weather last week, and some neighborhoods not too far from us got some major damage from tornados. Like, homes were destroyed. So sad. You just never know what's coming next. So many prayers for those affected.

I've gotten a few Etsy sales! Yay! It's such a relief, because you're kind of forced to just jump in, not knowing how people will respond and if they will even like your stuff. And it's also quite the learning curve, trying to figure out how to fit it into your day with little kids. I started this with the intention of being very part-time, and I'm glad. I don't know how you full-timers do it!

Logan and I have watched the first two Sharknado movies, and the third one came out this month of Netflix...to say Logan was excited is an understatement. The whole premise of the movies is pretty ridiculous - sharks in tornados destroying cities and eating people. Crazy, right? I don't know why we watch them.

Well, no, I know why we watch them. Because Logan has a degree in film and thinks they're awesome. Awesomely bad. And they are kind of hilarious. We kind of have a history of watching ridiculous movies too - our first date was to see Dawn of the Dead in theaters. (Which we totally own on DVD now, fun fact of the day.)
That's how I felt after the first 2 movies. But the third Sharknado was BY FAR the worst and most ridiculous. That's 93 minutes of my life I'll never get back.
I know, I know, that's the whole point. But it was totally overkill in the third movie. I would tell you to just watch it and see for yourself but then you probably wouldn't be my friend anymore.

This is shaping up to be the easiest pregnancy so far. And that makes me a little nervous to say, since the 22-week mark (when we lost Levi and my cervix started being stupid again with Landon) is coming up on Friday, and I won't feel a sense of relief until we make it to at least 24 weeks. But! My last appointment with the high-risk doctor went so well that she doesn't think it's necessary to follow me anymore. My cervix was "textbook", y'all! I'm sure it's because of the progesterone I'm still taking (I have a NaPro doctor monitoring my levels, 1st time I've done this in pregnancy), which is probably causing me to have much less contractions. Which is probably why my cervix looks so good.

I'll still have the option of seeing the high-risk doctor again if issues come up, but for now, I'm just seeing Dr. H (my primary OB)! So, so thankful.
He has started this new phase of needing to be in my lap at all times. I'm trying not to be too annoyed, because how adorable is he??

Friday, February 26, 2016

Making a rule of life work for you {intro}

I've probably mentioned a time or two the book by Holly Pierlot, A Mother's Rule of Life. It's one of my favorite books that I've read several times because it has transformed my life. Every time life feels like it's falling apart again, I refer back to this book because the basic principles need to be drilled back into my head. One day, I hope, I won't need to read this book every year or two. That day is not today though.

A lot of people who read this book get hung up on Holly's schedule. She has every hour of every day mapped out. And that freaks a lot of people out. I totally get it.

I, for one, have never been able to make a rigid schedule work out. Things happen – diaper blowouts, toddler tantrums, I realize we need to go to the store TODAY otherwise we starve, etc. Not to mention Logan's irregular work schedule (he works weekends, as well as different shifts). Sometimes a schedule causes more stress than it's worth (for some people, like me!).

Maybe once all my kids can wipe their own butts and can fix their own food, a schedule will work. I've tried it enough times, though, to know that it does not work right now.

But! I've come to realize that I can have a “rule of life” - AKA a way of prioritizing my life/vocation – without a schedule. It all starts with the 5 P's:

  1. Prayer
  2. Person
  3. Partner
  4. Parent
  5. Provider

Holly goes through all of these in her book, dedicating a chapter to each, and I thought I'd do a little blog series - my first ever! hollerrr - on what I've done to help keep these 5 P's in this order in my life. (I'm totally still learning as I go though!)

If there was one thing I would tell someone who is reading this book (and I actually do tell people this all the time), it'd be to focus on the 5 P's first. Then, if a schedule seems to work for your personality – as well as your family's – then slowly work on creating one after the fact. But don't get caught up on a schedule, because I don't have one and my life is still orderly. Okay? Okay.

(I need to say that I wrote this post before I was pregnant, and while life certainly fell apart while I was stuck on the couch trying not to puke for a couple months, things have slowly gotten back to normal. And our life is still pretty orderly, all things considering, even though I have to take it pretty easy for the entire pregnancy. But I'll explain more about how that's possible in a later post.)

Just keep in mind that order and peace won't happen overnight. It'll likely take months, which is okay, because habits take awhile to form and it's totally worth it. So just like creating and implementing a rule of life takes several months, this series will likely be spread over months as well. But we're all in this together!

Stay tuned for the next series post on the 1st P...prayer.

UPDATE! Link to posts:
1st P, Prayer
2nd P, Person

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Easter basket goodies (5Faves)

Thanks to Ashley's brilliant prompt ideas, I have a post for you today! I'm totally eyeing her February prize pack and this counts as an entry. You should link up too!

I really tried to get most of my Easter shopping done before Lent, and I did pretty well. Now I'm officially done, so here's what I'm putting in their baskets! Maybe it'll give you some ideas.

1. Books

We love books, and I never feel bad about buying them. Logan may or may not feel differently. ;) My sister sells Usborne, so Landon is getting My Very First Space Book and Chase is getting That's Not My Dinosaur.

2. Craft supplies

My boys have both been into crafts lately. Well, it's mostly Landon, but of course Chase does whatever Landon does. But he hasn't really gotten the hang of using crayons and tends to break them...so I got Chase these Eco-Crayons from Big White Farmhouse. I think he's going to love them!

3. Faith-related items

I always have some kind of faith-related gift for both Christmas and Easter, and I was planning on getting more Saint blocks, which we all love, but decided instead to get another set of Rosary Roses since the boys fight over the one set we do have. Landon has a bigger basket so I'm just putting them in his (also because Chase is too young to really care.)

4. Puzzles

Landon has been really into puzzles lately, so I picked up another one last time I was at Target. It's Star Wars and comes in a cute little tin, which is nice. He has the Iron Man one already and loves it. 6 bucks! (I would link to it but couldn't find it on their website.)

5. Leftover candy

Is this bad? Oh well. I just don't see the need to buy candy when we already have some stashed in our cabinet from previous events - especially since the boys don't really know the difference yet. I did get some new candy to put in the eggs, though.

Easter is less than 5 weeks away! Feels so close and forever away all at the same time. 

Monday, February 22, 2016

Contentment on a Monday

Well. It's certainly Monday.

Normally my days just run together, because with Logan working weekends there's really no "Monday...womp womp" without an actual weekend. But Logan actually was off yesterday, Chase woke up super fussy and snotty/coughing today (he ran fever over the weekend), I found dog poop in the living room, and yes. It's Monday.

I've been reading the Mass readings every day lately, and since Lent started, I've also been journaling about them in my handy dandy Blessed is She Lenten workbook. It's been pretty nice. Especially on mornings today when I finally sit down and read this (again, because I'm weird and read them twice) in the First Reading:
"Tend the flock of God in your midst, [overseeing] not by constraint but willingly, as God would have it, not for shameful profit but eagerly." (1 Peter 5:2, NAB)
Well, you got me, God. I can't say I was " eagerly" tending my flock this morning. Take away the dog poop and maybe...

I really have become more content in the last year or so - and that's probably an entirely different blog post - but even with being content (for the most part) in life, I have to admit I tend to forget that I have my own flock. In my house. And they're my responsibility and I should be tending them eagerly!

So as I wipe boogers for the millionth time and deal with another tantrum and wash yet another load of laundry and deal with the never-ending pile of dishes, I'll look at my little flock of guys and be thankful for this beautiful and crazy life...and try to remember that just a few short years ago I was begging for this. And now I have it. Dog poop and all. So blessed, indeed.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

New phone, Instagram, and what I've been working on (7QT)

1. After having a cracked iPhone for almost 2 years (for reals...it happened when I was pregnant with Chase), we finally were able to upgrade! And oh my goodness, I feel so spoiled. My phone actually works! It's been rather ridiculous the last couple of months. So if you notice that I'm commenting more on blogs, it's because my phone is actually letting me now. Yay.

2. Logan took just Landon to the zoo earlier this week, and it was a win-win for the whole family. Landon got some much-needed one-on-one time with his daddy, and I got some quiet time to get work done at home. Landon talks A LOT, and it tends to wear on my little introverted brain...so having just Chase at home for a few hours was a considerable difference in noise level. (Landon is seriously hilarious with some of the stuff he comes up with...but I do need a break from time to time.)

3. What I'm reading

  • Teaching in Your Tiara: A Homeschooling Book for the Rest of Us by Rebecca Frech - totally read this in like 2-3 days and loved it. It's a must-read for anyone considering homeschooling. She's hilarious.
  • Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan - I'm listening to the audiobook, which Jim actually narrates, and it's pretty funny. 

4. The Walking Dead, y'all. It's one of the few shows Logan and I actually watch, and it's so good for so many reasons. I really don't know what else to say about it other than you should watch! If you're okay watching zombies and all, that is. It can be pretty gruesome. (But it's so much deeper than zombies! Seriously!)

5. Marley loves my maternity pillow so she sneaks in our bed and curls up in it (it's a big U-shape) when Logan is working late. Landon ran fever earlier this week, and it kinda makes him crazy....so he woke up at 10pm and decided to chat it up while I was (trying to) read. Then the Tylenol kicked in and he curled up with Marley like this. I thought it was too adorable to be aggravated at them taking up all my space. Logan kicked them out when he got home at midnight, of course.

6. I decided to create a new Instagram account for my Etsy shop (since my other one is private), so I would appreciate it if you click over and become a follower. I haven't announced it anywhere yet, because I literally just created it...so I have exactly zero followers at the moment. No posts either - but that will change soon. 

7. Speaking of the shop, this is what I worked on this week:
Wine charms! The original plan was to make a set of 6, but I realized I bought the wrong pieces when I got home from the store (ugh...pregnancy brain). But! I ordered what I needed and am waiting for it to arrive in the mail. So for now, I have a a couple 4-piece sets listed.

Go check out other quick takes at Kelly's! (And totally read her post...it's a good one.)

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Books on marriage (5Faves)

A few weeks ago, my friends and I were talking about what book we're reading for February for our reading challenge - "a book on marriage." And since I blogged about marriage somewhat recently, I thought it was perfect to also share some marriage books! I try to read at least one book on marriage every year and have definitely gained a lot of insight doing so.

1. Life Giving Love: Embracing God's Beautiful Design for Marriage by Kimberly Hahn

I had a lovely family send me this book after we lost Levi. Kimberly covers everything, including miscarriage, stillbirth, and infertility - you know, the things you aren't expecting to experience in marriage. I really recommend anything written by her, actually. She has a great book series called Life-Nurturing Love, all about marriage and family life.

2. Three to Get Married by Fulton Sheen

Gosh, I've been having this forever, and I know I started reading it at one point but honestly cannot remember if I finished. But what I did read was good! And a few friends have said it's one of their faves. I mean, who doesn't like Fulton Sheen?

3. The Good News about Sex and Marriage by Christopher West

I first read this when I was engaged and it got me SO excited about marriage. I still refer to it from time to time. Even if you're not Catholic, this is a good book to read if you're curious about why us crazy Catholics believe what we do about sex and contraception and all of that. It's a Q&A format, so you can skip around if you wish.

4. Men, Women, and the Mystery of Love by Edward Sri

I'm not brave enough to read JPII's Love and Responsibility, so this was a perfect little book that gives some insights into that brilliant masterpiece. Such an easy read too. Oh, and I recommend this for anyone, whether you're married or not, since much of it is about relationships in general - although I definitely think every married person should read it!

5. Holy Sex! A Catholic Guide to Toe-Curling, Mind-Blowing, Infallible Loving by Gregory Popcak

I think I've talked about this book before...but I have to mention it again because I really wish I had read it earlier on in marriage. Forget the silly title, okay? It's a little misleading. But it's a really important message on marriage and how sex really is a big part of it.

A couple others that my friends recommended (that I have not read but want to!):

  • Marriage: The Mystery of Faithful Love by Dietrich von Hildebrand
  • By Love Refined: Letters to a Young Bride by Alice von Hildebrand

Linking up with Ashley for 5 Faves!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Because you can never throw too many parties {gender reveal}

My friends and I like babies. And we like parties. So we find excuses to throw parties, many of which revolve around babies. It's how we roll.

So! When I told a few of my besties a couple months ago that I wanted to involve Landon and Chase in a gender reveal using a piñata, the idea of a fiesta was born. Nacho bar and margaritas. Done. And it was awesome. (Even though I couldn't have a margarita.)
My mom and friends all contributed to the food and drinks (thanks y'all!!), and all was delicious. I'm totally doing a nacho bar again. Shredded salsa chicken and chili not pictured. (And ugh, the lighting is terrible because for some reason my camera's flash would not go off!)
 I couldn't have a real margarita, so a candy one is the next best thing, right?
 The margarita cups. So perfect.
Just for the record - Logan, Landon, and I all guessed boy. Chase (if you could count that) guessed girl. Also, everyone thought Chase was a girl too.
 The piñata was one of those pull string ones, and well, it didn't exactly work. We ended up just pulling the bottom. Still fun though! (I can't really complain because it was by far the cheapest I could find. 7 bucks, baby.)
 I had to give Chase candy so he would stick around. Gender reveals aren't really of interest to a 1-year old, I guess.

 All of the kids POUNCED (literally) as soon as the candy and confetti fell, so in case you can't see....it was BLUE!!
 And to think we kept this shindig small. Ha. Hashtag Catholic family problems.
 All the candy was gone in about a minute. So funny.
 Oh, Chase. Get ready to be the middle child, sweet baby boy!
Some of the best friends I could ask for. (Thanks for the photo bomb, Logan.)
That makes 4 boys. Levi in heaven, Landon and Chase with us now, and little Aaron Joseph in my belly. I'm officially a boy mom, y'all. And I love it.

Friday, February 12, 2016

I should probably be doing something more productive (7QT)

1. King cake + Downton Abbey = awesomeness

Some of my besties and I had the brilliant idea of all bringing a different king cake to a GNI (girls night in) viewing of Downton Abbey on Lundi Gras. King cake tasting for the win! You can never have too much king cake.

2. Lent

So...Lent. I actually felt prepared this year, which is sooo not typical. And so far it's been good!
I'm using Blessed is She's Lenten workbook and it's lovely.
And we started praying a decade of the rosary some nights with Annie's rosary roses. Landon just loves it.

3. Words that spoke to me this week

I read this earlier this week and just loved it. Anybody else take screenshots of EVERYTHING? (And I just noticed this was apparently after 11pm. I'm usually sleeping long before then! Ha.)

4. Baby update

I started having Braxton-Hicks contractions on Ash Wednesday (ironically enough), so I was a bit worried about my ultrasound today. But my cervix is fine and the baby is growing well! Praise God. My placenta is in a position that apparently makes me look farther along (says the ultrasound tech) and also cushions any movement from the baby. So that explains why I haven't been feeling a whole lot.

Our little 11 oz baby. Not the best picture but oh well.

Oh, and gender reveal tomorrow! I'm kind of nervous. Because both the thought of 3 boys or finally having a girl is...nerve wracking. I would still totally rather not knowing until birth. Logan feels the complete opposite. And that explains our marriage in a nutshell. ;)

5. What I'm reading

  • A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman - Over halfway done this and am really enjoying it. Ove is such a frustrating man but you can't help but love him! And now I'm totally bummed that I have to wait until the ebook is available from my library again to finish it! Darn 7-day check-outs.
  • Love and Respect: The Love She Most Desires; The Respect He Desperately Needs by Emerson Eggerichs - this is kind of hard to read at times because I know there are things I need to work on in our marriage. But that's a good thing, right? 
  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling - I think this is one of my favorite books in the series. But I don't really remember the last 3 books...
  • Rediscover Jesus by Matthew Kelly - I'm almost done this one finally, and I have to say it kind of grew on me. But I wouldn't read it again like I plan on doing with Rediscover Catholicism.

6. Landon Gerard (3.5 years)

We've cut out TV for the kids this Lent, and I don't know if that's to blame, but....this kid has totally been spending a lot of time just sitting and "reading" quietly. Usually he's talking nonstop!
And then he said he was going to take a nap but instead I found him looking at books. Again. I'm loving it.

7. Chase Michael (1.5 years)

The nurse at his well visit was so surprised that he was only average for weight. But I think we can blame that on his short stature. Oh, and his head is huge. I can't believe he's not going to be the baby for much longer!

Linking up with Kelly again for 7QT!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

It's not supposed to be easy...but maybe one day

Even though this pregnancy has been pretty uneventful so far (other than minor progesterone level issues), I can't help but be a little on edge, just waiting for something to go wrong. I'm not constantly dwelling on it - because worrying will do nothing - but the thought is always in the back of my mind. 

What if my cervix starts opening early like it did with Landon? What if I have several troubling ultrasounds like I did with Chase? Or, worst case scenario, what if I go into preterm labor like I did with Levi?

I find myself praying something along the lines of, God, I trust in You, but I really, really want this baby to be okay. I know that it might be Your will to lose this baby in the next few months, and I know you would carry me through it...but I don't want to go through that again. Please let me carry this baby to term!

And then I feel bad for praying that because doesn't God know better? Shouldn't I just trust that whatever happens - even if this baby doesn't make it - is how God intended it? So many awesome saints, including our Blessed Mother, just willingly submitted to God's plan, even when it was really, really hard! I can't help but feel a little, um, un-saintlike when I just want what I want.

But when I was praying the rosary recently, I was thinking about Jesus in the garden the night He was arrested. He didn't want to go through all of that suffering and death, either!  Even though what He went through was so much worse, it's comforting to me to know that submitting to God's will isn't supposed to be easy - heck, His Son had a hard time with it! So I'm trying to give myself a little grace and not beat myself up over wanting my baby to live. Because we're all just human and it's normal to want to avoid suffering.

But I'll still pray for the graces to accept God's will just like Jesus ultimately did. And maybe one day I'll be able to say with no hesitation, "Your will be done."

Monday, February 8, 2016

Preparing to prepare (+ a coupon code!)

I don't know WHY, but for some reason I always feel the need to ease into Lent. Like, I start doing some of the stuff I want to do FOR Lent....before Mardi Gras. It's crazy, I know. Tell me I'm not the only one?

While I haven't nailed down exactly everything that I want to do for just myself (and probably wouldn't share even if I did), Logan and I have been talking about what we want to do with our family, the kids, and each other. So I'm sharing here in case you need some ideas! And so I don't forget...


  • Go on a marriage retreat. SO EXCITED about this one.
  • No cell phones at the table for meals.
  • File our taxes. (This is kind of a joke because we have to do this anyway but I'm choosing to wait until Lent because nothing says penance/mortification/suffering like taxes. It's seriously one of my least favorite things ever.)
  • Take turns spending at least 30 minutes in an Adoration Chapel every week.


  • No TV except maybe once a week. I know, we're nuts. But sometimes I really think it causes Landon to be crazier. And we don't need crazy right now. (And let's be honest, this totally counts as penance for us parents too.)


  • Attend the Stations of the Cross at our church at least once.
  • Praying a decade of the rosary most nights. We actually started this already, using Annie's Rosary Roses (that I won in a giveaway!), and I love them. But now we need another set because the boys fight over them.
  • Attend daily Mass together at least once a week.

Oh, Lent. You're only 2 days away! But I'm ready for ya.

P.S. I'm offering a discount at my Etsy shop through tomorrow, to celebrate Mardi Gras! Use the code HAPPYMARDIGRAS at checkout to get 15% off from now through tomorrow night! Hope your holiday is full of fun and lots of feasting. :)

P.P.S. I highly recommend this book ^^^ if you're looking for some good Lenten reading!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Date night, brothers, Etsy, etc. (7QT)

1. Brain dump

Gosh, this Etsy thing is tapping me out when it comes to my creative side (I feel weird saying that because I never considered myself creative...until now I guess?). I have plenty of blog post ideas (some already written) but for some reason my brain can only handle so much, um, thinking. So here's a brain dump for you today. You're welcome.

2. Date night!

Logan has been DYING to go on a date and we finally made it happen this week! We had gift cards to Bonefish Grill and had never been there before, and it was pretty yummy. I sported my new Lularoe Amelia dress! Baby bump = 17 weeks (today makes 18 though!)
For some reason I went from no baby bump to HELLO WORLD I'M PREGNANT within 2 weeks. Because now all of a sudden random people (who did not know I was pregnant) are asking if I'm having a boy or girl.

3. Baby update

I saw Dr. H this week and all is well still. Yay. This pregnancy has felt so strange, though, because usually I'm feeling movement long before now and/or frequent contractions. But, nothing. I did start to feel some flutters this week though! My favorite part. And I do feel cramping/contractions/pressure if I don't eat or drink enough or if I do too much. Pretty typical. But the big difference from previous pregnancies is that I'm not feeling anything other than that! I really, really hope this keeps up. (I think it's because I'm on progesterone this time around. Just my theory.)

4. Gender reveal (next week)

My big ultrasound is at the high-risk doctor next week! We're having a gender reveal next weekend (sorry if you're local and not invited! trying to keep it small) so of course I will update this here blog after that. I was really wanting to do a surprise this time around, but Logan is all NOPE, so oh well. But I am pretty excited - and nervous - to find out if we're adding yet another boy or if we're going to be surprised by a girl. No strong feelings one way or the other at this point...Logan swears it's a boy though. Landon has been saying lately it's a boy. And we asked Chase and he so cutely said, "ghoul". So, we'll see!

5. What I'm reading

  • Men, Women, and the Mystery of Love: Practical Insights John Paul II's Love and Responsibility by Edward Sri - I really enjoyed this one! It's a pretty easy read and I'm not brave enough to jump into JPII sooo this was perfect. Highly recommend it.
  • A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman - I'm joining Ashley and her book club with this one! I haven't gotten too far but so far it's making me LOL because Ove is so ridiculously miserable. I'm looking forward to where this book goes.
  • Love and Respect: The Love She Most Desires; The Respect He Desperately Needs by Emerson Eggerichs - finally reading this to get it off my bookshelf! I haven't gotten too far in this one either, but I'm thinking (hoping!) I will gain much insight from it. So far, the author and his marriage remind me a lot of my marriage with Logan. 

6. Etsy

I'm trying to figure out the best way to not overload you with stuff I'm adding to my shop...is dedicating one take to it okay? 
I made a banner for our gender reveal so I had to add one to the shop! Although the one I made for us is different because we're doing a little twist (hint: fiesta)...and I don't have the cute baby feet on ours because I didn't think about it until I already finished! Oh well. I love this pink and blue one though.
One of my besties asked me to make this rosary bracelet for her little girl who made her First Reconciliation this week and she loved it! Yay. I think that's one of my favorite colors.

7. Brothers

 I totally get the appeal of big families now. These two just LOVE each other and I cannot wait until they can love on this new little baby. (My poor dog though...)
Logan took the boys to a parade last week and I stayed home (in silence!) and caught up on Downton Abbey and drank hot chocolate. So lovely. I love Mardi Gras season. ;)

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

An Etsy Reveal

Well, this is nerve wracking.

I initially wanted to open an Etsy shop last summer. But we had a very busy July and August, and then I got really busy running the silent auction for WNLC. The fundraiser was in November, so in October I just resigned to the fact that I wouldn't have time to open an Etsy shop til after Christmas.

But then I got pregnant in October. The auction ended, and I was feeling pretty crappy. Then the new year came and went, I was still feeling crappy (first trimester will always be the worst), I had to get a cerclage, and then I kept getting other sicknesses.

Do y'all care about this? No? Oh well. Moving on.

I knew if I didn't open an Etsy shop soon, it wouldn't happen for a long time. So as soon as I started feeling better, I got busy, preparing to open. It explains why I didn't really blog this past week. I'm such a perfectionist and the details totally matter but I finally realized I needed to just open the dang shop. So I did! Presenting:

There were a couple other names I considered but ultimately decided to stick with the same name as this here blog because it'll make everything easier as far as social media and advertising is concerned. If you were curious about that part.

I'm slowly adding different items, but my main listings are rosary bracelets (because I love the rosary!). There are a million things I could do, but I'm really trying to focus on things I'm passionate about - like my faith and my family. So everything I list will be related to that.

I would like to say that I read Crystal Paine's Money Making Mom all last week, and I honestly don't know if I would have gone through with opening the shop if I hadn't been reading the book leading up to it. Seriously. It was so inspiring and just wanted I needed to hear. So many questions came up: What if nobody likes my stuff? What if I don't get any orders? WHAT IF THIS IS A BAD IDEA? The mind of a melancholic can be crazy, y'all.

But Crystal's book totally motivated me and I will never know if I don't try. So here we go.

If you click over and favorite my shop, I would be so appreciative!


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