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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Because you can never throw too many parties {gender reveal}

My friends and I like babies. And we like parties. So we find excuses to throw parties, many of which revolve around babies. It's how we roll.

So! When I told a few of my besties a couple months ago that I wanted to involve Landon and Chase in a gender reveal using a piñata, the idea of a fiesta was born. Nacho bar and margaritas. Done. And it was awesome. (Even though I couldn't have a margarita.)
My mom and friends all contributed to the food and drinks (thanks y'all!!), and all was delicious. I'm totally doing a nacho bar again. Shredded salsa chicken and chili not pictured. (And ugh, the lighting is terrible because for some reason my camera's flash would not go off!)
 I couldn't have a real margarita, so a candy one is the next best thing, right?
 The margarita cups. So perfect.
Just for the record - Logan, Landon, and I all guessed boy. Chase (if you could count that) guessed girl. Also, everyone thought Chase was a girl too.
 The piñata was one of those pull string ones, and well, it didn't exactly work. We ended up just pulling the bottom. Still fun though! (I can't really complain because it was by far the cheapest I could find. 7 bucks, baby.)
 I had to give Chase candy so he would stick around. Gender reveals aren't really of interest to a 1-year old, I guess.

 All of the kids POUNCED (literally) as soon as the candy and confetti fell, so in case you can't see....it was BLUE!!
 And to think we kept this shindig small. Ha. Hashtag Catholic family problems.
 All the candy was gone in about a minute. So funny.
 Oh, Chase. Get ready to be the middle child, sweet baby boy!
Some of the best friends I could ask for. (Thanks for the photo bomb, Logan.)
That makes 4 boys. Levi in heaven, Landon and Chase with us now, and little Aaron Joseph in my belly. I'm officially a boy mom, y'all. And I love it.

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