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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Easter basket goodies (5Faves)

Thanks to Ashley's brilliant prompt ideas, I have a post for you today! I'm totally eyeing her February prize pack and this counts as an entry. You should link up too!

I really tried to get most of my Easter shopping done before Lent, and I did pretty well. Now I'm officially done, so here's what I'm putting in their baskets! Maybe it'll give you some ideas.

1. Books

We love books, and I never feel bad about buying them. Logan may or may not feel differently. ;) My sister sells Usborne, so Landon is getting My Very First Space Book and Chase is getting That's Not My Dinosaur.

2. Craft supplies

My boys have both been into crafts lately. Well, it's mostly Landon, but of course Chase does whatever Landon does. But he hasn't really gotten the hang of using crayons and tends to break them...so I got Chase these Eco-Crayons from Big White Farmhouse. I think he's going to love them!

3. Faith-related items

I always have some kind of faith-related gift for both Christmas and Easter, and I was planning on getting more Saint blocks, which we all love, but decided instead to get another set of Rosary Roses since the boys fight over the one set we do have. Landon has a bigger basket so I'm just putting them in his (also because Chase is too young to really care.)

4. Puzzles

Landon has been really into puzzles lately, so I picked up another one last time I was at Target. It's Star Wars and comes in a cute little tin, which is nice. He has the Iron Man one already and loves it. 6 bucks! (I would link to it but couldn't find it on their website.)

5. Leftover candy

Is this bad? Oh well. I just don't see the need to buy candy when we already have some stashed in our cabinet from previous events - especially since the boys don't really know the difference yet. I did get some new candy to put in the eggs, though.

Easter is less than 5 weeks away! Feels so close and forever away all at the same time. 

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