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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sharknado, Etsy, & perhaps the easiest pregnancy yet

Louisiana got some crazy weather last week, and some neighborhoods not too far from us got some major damage from tornados. Like, homes were destroyed. So sad. You just never know what's coming next. So many prayers for those affected.

I've gotten a few Etsy sales! Yay! It's such a relief, because you're kind of forced to just jump in, not knowing how people will respond and if they will even like your stuff. And it's also quite the learning curve, trying to figure out how to fit it into your day with little kids. I started this with the intention of being very part-time, and I'm glad. I don't know how you full-timers do it!

Logan and I have watched the first two Sharknado movies, and the third one came out this month of Netflix...to say Logan was excited is an understatement. The whole premise of the movies is pretty ridiculous - sharks in tornados destroying cities and eating people. Crazy, right? I don't know why we watch them.

Well, no, I know why we watch them. Because Logan has a degree in film and thinks they're awesome. Awesomely bad. And they are kind of hilarious. We kind of have a history of watching ridiculous movies too - our first date was to see Dawn of the Dead in theaters. (Which we totally own on DVD now, fun fact of the day.)
That's how I felt after the first 2 movies. But the third Sharknado was BY FAR the worst and most ridiculous. That's 93 minutes of my life I'll never get back.
I know, I know, that's the whole point. But it was totally overkill in the third movie. I would tell you to just watch it and see for yourself but then you probably wouldn't be my friend anymore.

This is shaping up to be the easiest pregnancy so far. And that makes me a little nervous to say, since the 22-week mark (when we lost Levi and my cervix started being stupid again with Landon) is coming up on Friday, and I won't feel a sense of relief until we make it to at least 24 weeks. But! My last appointment with the high-risk doctor went so well that she doesn't think it's necessary to follow me anymore. My cervix was "textbook", y'all! I'm sure it's because of the progesterone I'm still taking (I have a NaPro doctor monitoring my levels, 1st time I've done this in pregnancy), which is probably causing me to have much less contractions. Which is probably why my cervix looks so good.

I'll still have the option of seeing the high-risk doctor again if issues come up, but for now, I'm just seeing Dr. H (my primary OB)! So, so thankful.
He has started this new phase of needing to be in my lap at all times. I'm trying not to be too annoyed, because how adorable is he??

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