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Thursday, March 24, 2016

A Holy Week rambling

My goodness. After quite a fruitful Lent - probably the best one in years - this week has not been easy. Not the hardest, by any means, but difficult. But I guess that's how Holy Week is supposed to be, eh?

I'm now having Braxton-Hicks contractions every day, where before I had many days without any at all. And then on Monday I decided to take the boys to Costco by myself, something I don't do while pregnant, because shopping at Costco without them already brings on a few contractions as it is (as does anything that requires walking and lifting, unfortunately...so we stay home mostly). But we had an empty fridge (seriously, I should have taken a picture - it was bad), and I also wanted to bring food to a friend who just had a baby. So Costco it was!
Good thing I hit up Chick-fil-A on the way because they were still setting up most of the samples and Chase just couldn't handle it.

When we got home that afternoon, I put both boys down for a nap (yes! Landon hasn't been napping as much lately but some days I just really need him to) and then spent entirely too long on the phone dealing with health insurance issues. My counter is overflowing with paperwork, thanks to taxes and endless EOBs and bills - most of which I had to call about it because insurance is dumb. The whole day I had been having contractions, but it wasn't until I was talking to my mom afterwards that I realized they were happening way too often.

So off to the couch I went with water and a big protein snack, where I stayed for several hours, contemplating whether or not I should call my doctor. Thankfully Logan got home from work not long after and was able to deal with the boys. I was trying not to freak out, because I hadn't had that many contractions this pregnancy, but I also wasn't cramping and I could feel Aaron move. So I just stayed put and it wasn't until 5 HOURS LATER that I noticed the contractions had decreased.

Needless to say, I started packing my hospital bag this week after that little episode.

It's hard not to be extremely frustrated with the fact that I can't even go grocery shopping without my body going crazy. Because, um, we need food. And I'm also noticing that I have more contractions if I'm not chugging the water and eating every couple of hours. And if my bladder is full. Which is totally a catch-22. (This all has happened with the last 2 pregnancies...)

But I'm also extremely thankful that we made it this far without any shenanigans, which is a first.

On Tuesday, I started feeling some pressure down there, which again has happened in previous pregnancies, but not this one yet. So again I was off to the couch where someone decided to join me.

Photograph by our resident 3-year old.

Marley has been acting so weird around me lately, always wanting to be in my lap. It's kind of nerve-wracking (because is she sensing something?), but it's also kind of cute.
She was not going anywhere!

As if pregnancy shenanigans hadn't already made me crazy, we learned yesterday that Chase should have a procedure on his blocked tear ducts, which would require general anesthesia. Just the thought of my sweet baby going under brings on the waterworks because hormones suck. We've been so fortunate to have healthy boys, and it isn't until times like these that you realize you took it for granted.

I had grand plans to attempt not putting on lights in our house for the next 3 days, but at 9:30am this morning it suddenly got dark and started raining.
I lit a candle but it didn't do much and Landon started begging me to turn on the light. Oh well.

My boys seem to have lost their mother loving minds this morning so I'm currently typing this randomness out while they watch a movie - something we gave up for Lent and actually stuck with (except maybe a movie a week, usually watched as a family). Because I was also going to lose my mind if I heard them shrieking and fighting one more time. Desperate times, yo.

That's enough rambling for now, I suppose. Both boys have lost interest in the movie (FAIL) and are begging me for food. As they do 24 hours each day.

Hope you're all having a blessed Holy Week and I will see you in the Easter season!

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