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Monday, March 28, 2016

A wonderfully normal holiday

I've gotten rather used to not having many true "holidays", due to Logan's work schedule. It's just part of working in hospitality - they never close! We do manage to get to my parents' house for one holiday a year for a couple days, either Thanksgiving or Christmas, but other than that, Logan is usually working. (He worked this past Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day, just as an example.)

So while I don't normally blog about an entire day, I'm going to blog about our Easter because Logan was actually off work when he wasn't supposed to be originally. It was so wonderfully normal and I know I'm going to want to remember it. Especially if he has a normal schedule one day and I start taking holidays for granted.
I had already made breakfast the night before (y'all, this buttermilk blueberry breakfast cake was SO good...you're welcome), so the boys looked through their baskets and then we ate. Logan finished first so he snuck off to hide some eggs.
Goodness, they're cute.
It rained pretty much all morning, so Logan hid the eggs in our living room. Chase wasn't walking last year, so this was his first egg hunt and he picked it up pretty darn quickly! The boys loved it.
We had plenty of time to get ready for Mass, which was good because I had no idea what we all were wearing (I'm notoriously bad at wardrobe. Just saying. It's probably why God keeps sending us boys.).

But we all found something, the boys looked adorable (says their biased mother), and we attempted a few self-timer pictures. Outside pictures would have turned out so much better, but...rain. Lots of it.
And then I took some of the boys (and Marley, because she loves to be in our business) while Logan did some obnoxiously hilarious thing behind me to get the boys to smile. Obviously, it worked!
I wasn't planning on putting ties on them, because we only had one that matched (the pink), but Landon INSISTED on wearing one. I still can't believe he remembered we had it. Their shirts are from Carter's, by the way - I literally just ordered them for a photo session we're doing when Aaron is born, but turns out they worked for Easter too. Winning.
Then we had Landon try to take a picture of Logan and me...let's just say he needs more practice. 
But he sure does look handsome, eh? Can't believe he's almost 4!

Off to Mass we went, where we realized that the boys will never again eat a morsel of candy before Mass. Seriously. They were bad.
But thanks to a friend, we did get a family picture afterwards (sorry, Chase, you look candy drunk in all of them). And Father gave all the kids candy-filled eggs and said one of our boys will be a priest one day. I sure hope so!

We had plans to go to Logan's parents' house, but wanted the crazy boys to nap first so we put them down for an early snooze as soon as we got home. And then Logan and I pigged out on chips and salsa (he gave up chips for Lent, so holla) and played a game of Scrabble.

I'm just going to pause for a moment because I don't know if that has ever happened before - BOTH boys napping while Logan and I had almost 2 hours to do something that didn't require technology.

Around 2pm, the boys woke up, we changed them into play clothes, and took off for Logan's parents' neighbors' house (you confused? me too), where we had too much crawfish, too much candy, and another Easter egg hunt. And maybe a couple selfies. Thankfully, the weather cleared up!
Not enough eggs. Ha.
I have to admit I did not think I would be one of those women who dressed their boys alike all the time...but I kind of love it. No shame. (Shirts are from Target. Clearance section, baby.)
Logan thought he was too cool to take a picture with me...
...but maybe he does love me after all!
No, he's not crying... just his blocked tear ducts. Sigh.
Around 6pm, we went home, picking up a couple Redbox movies on the way. We severely limited TV for the boys during Lent, so we wanted to reward them by watching The Good Dinosaur (which was so good). So we did. Well, let me rephrase that - Logan, Landon, and I watched while Chase turned into a crazy toddler that threw food all over the living room, stole everything from Landon's Easter basket, and kept climbing on top of me.

Clearly, letting him eat 5 pounds of candy in one day is not a good idea.

The movie ended just in time for their bedtime, so Logan put them to bed while I showered. After he had a quick shower, we watched the movie War Room - which was also very good. One of those God movies with some pretty bad acting, but a great message nonetheless. I can't remember the last time I watched 2 movies in one day, but it was nice.

Our movie was interrupted when we found out a family member was going to the hospital and Logan went to make sure everything was ok (but that's not my story to tell, and everyone is fine now, don't worry).

So we didn't finish the movie until midnight, which is wayyy past my bedtime and poor Logan had to get up at 5am for work. But it was worth it. So very worth it. Jesus is risen, after all.

Happy Easter, everyone! Remember it's 50 days of celebration!

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