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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

5 ways we're creating a more peaceful home

I am most definitely one of those people who gets overwhelmed with too much stuff, too much noise, and too much craziness. Our boys are both going through, um, difficult stages right now, so I'm having to put a little more effort into making our house more peaceful. But it's so worth it!

1. Less TV.

I'm rereading the Little House books, and well, they didn't have TV. They just all sit together, doing their own activity, or listening to Pa play the fiddle. It's very rare that we just have the TV on anymore (and if we do it's usually because there's crazy weather or something we're wanting to see on the news), and it's much easier to talk to each other and enjoy each other without the stimulation of the TV. I'm very tempted to get rid of it altogether, but Logan would probably disown me (which yes, he did verify when reading this post! Haha). And we do like to watch a family movie together sometimes - but I'd rather do some sort of other family activity any day!

2. Read plenty of books.

Maaaaybe this sounds boring if you're an extrovert (maybe this whole post does, oh well), but reading books is SO peaceful. Granted, little kids sometimes lose interest, but for a brief 60 seconds when they actually do listen to the story, there's complete silence. No fighting, no shrieking. Wonders of all wonders.

I've also realized that reading books myself just makes me calmer about life in general. I can't explain it, but it's true!
These moments don't happen often but when they do...bliss.

3. Play more board games and do more puzzles.

Why do people not do this much anymore? Let's bring it back, y'all. Some of the most fun family times we've had are when we are playing board games or working on a puzzle together. Same when we have friends over too. Bonus points for it stimulating our mind at the same time! (Yes, I'm a nerd. I fully embrace that.)

4. Silence our phones.

I've never turned on notifications on my phone (with the exception of Etsy, so I know when someone orders something) because OH MY GOSH that would make me crazy. Sometimes even the dinging/ringing of texting and calling is a big distraction. So sometimes Logan and I silence our phones for a period of time, or we just leave our phones in another room for a short period - especially if we don't want to be interrupted anyway. It's lovely. That doesn't mean we're not checking our phone (because, emergencies do happen, and I can usually hear my phone vibrate if it's close) but just decreasing the amount of noise as we spend time together as a family really makes a difference.

5. Creating systems that work for our family.

I already mentioned what I've been doing lately as we prepare for baby Aaron, and really, I've been doing this for over a year now. It's like I knew I needed to make life easier for a subsequent pregnancy. And it's amazing how much smoother and peaceful life is when we create systems that actually work - and by work I mean things we actually follow through on that make our lives easier.

What about you? What do you do to make your home more peaceful?

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