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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

What nesting looks like

The 2nd trimester is such an interesting time - I feel like I'm energized and exhausted all at the same time. I'm motivated to get all! the! things! done, yet whenever someone asks me how I'm feeling, my response is usually, "Not bad! Just tired."

This is the first time since Levi I've been able to do projects while pregnant, which I'm so thankful for, because I kind of feel like I'm preparing for the Apocalypse since Chase was such an easy baby. Surely I won't be getting another easy baby, right?! (Sorry, Aaron - please prove me wrong!!)

My big thing lately is creating systems that work for our family and will hopefully make life easier once little Aaron joins us this summer. Here's what I've been up to:

1. Decluttering

Goodness, I feel like this is just a constant thing I have to do. I've gotten rid of SO MUCH STUFF lately, and while it definitely helps to keep the house clean...I feel like we could still declutter some more. I always have a donation basket to throw things into, and I don't feel bad in the slightest about throwing some things (I'm looking at you, stupid trinket toys) straight into the trash can. A simpler life is a better life!

2. Get rid of furniture that isn't working.

I had this desk for a couple years that I loved and is super cute. But it was constantly collecting crap to where I couldn't actually use it as a desk (this was one of the worst times, but still...). So we recently sold it, and I realized I don't actually need a desk. I usually have my laptop at the kitchen table or on the couch, and whenever I'm doing certain Etsy things I can always use Logan's desk if needed (he has a desktop computer for his video editing).
We also sold this big piece of furniture (Is it a hutch? I don't know) that was in our kitchen. I acquired it from my sister when she moved to North Carolina, and although it's a nice piece, I never could find a good purpose for it. So after our microwave died (story for another day!), I decided to finally get rid of it. And ohmygosh I love my kitchen so much more now! The hutch thingy was way too big for the space, so now our kitchen feels more open and bright.

3. Move furniture to where it works better.

Once I got rid of my desk, I wanted something in our living room (we have a large L-shaped room so this one corner serves as an office of sorts) to put all of my craft supplies where it was easily accessible. So we decided to move this dresser from our upstairs hallway, where it was just holding extra bedsheets and a few spare diapers (all of which was easily dispersed into bedroom closets). It's perfect here! And now I can easily put whatever I'm working on - when I get interrupted, which is all the time - into a drawer where it's out of sight. 
I still have some organizing to do in the corner. Baby steps...

We also moved our loveseat from our living room into our playroom. We still have a futon and a couch in our living room, which is plenty of seating. The loveseat just tended to collect stuff (are you sensing a theme? Get rid of things that collect crap!), and I've been wanting a place to sit while the boys play but didn't want to have to buy something new. It really has been one of my favorite changes ever - even Logan agrees. Now the boys and I have somewhere to read books together, and if I start having a bunch of contractions, I can easily lie down while the boys play. Bonus points for it being by a window which always makes me feel better about life.
Marley loves the change too. (And that is plastic toy food on the floor...not poop. Just saying.)

4. Organize recipes.

I've decluttered most of my cookbooks because, frankly, I never used them. I started a "Recipes" binder several years ago to organize all the recipes I print out (which are many!) but never finished it. So recently I finally went through alllll of my recipes, throwing away most and just keeping the ones I actually use. I also created tabs for different categories, making it easy to find what I'm looking for. No more random recipes all over the kitchen!

5. Baby prep.

This is probably a given because the baby is probably why I feel the need to do all the things right now. My hospital bag is mostly packed, my newborn (and premie, just in case) clothes are washed, and newborn cloth diapers are ready to go. 
The boys' clothes are in our laundry room (best decision ever). Landon's PJs, tops, bottoms, and socks/shoes are in the left column, and Chase's are on the right. So now Aaron's things are in the middle (burp cloths/bibs, clothes, cloth diapers)! Still need to label them though.

We already have a swing set up in our living room that we're borrowing from my cousin. All that's left really is getting out the rock'n'play and setting up the pack'n'play in our room, since Chase is still in the crib and I'd like to keep it that way forever. Or maybe just another year. Baby Aaron, we're ready for you! (But please stay where you are until at least the middle of June, mmkay?)

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