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Friday, May 27, 2016

Poldark, La Croix, and life lately (7QT)

No real blog post for you today. But 7 quick takes are fun, right? Linking up with Kelly!

1. This show called Poldark

It's my new fave. For reals. And I was so so so sad to realize there are only 8 episodes on Prime with the new season not coming out on real TV until later this year. But you should still watch it! Because it's so good! I'm naming our next son Ross. (Just kidding. Maybe.)

2. The disappointment called La Croix

Okay. So. I've seen so many people rave about La Croix and I finally caved and bought some hoping it'd be some magical refreshing drink to help me through these last few weeks of Louisiana heat while pregnant....and I was pretty disappointed. Should I try different flavors? Is there a way to make them less "eh"? Plain ol' water tastes so much better to me! Please enlighten me.

3. Third time is a charm

Chase FINALLY was able to have surgery to fix his blocked tear ducts yesterday. He got sick right before the first 2 times we scheduled it which was extremely frustrating considering he RARELY gets sick and um, we're about to have a baby and couldn't keep postponing it. But thankfully, he stayed healthy this week. Surgery went well, he's still recovering a little but is mostly back to his normal self. Thank you to everyone who prayed! And that is mostly why there is no real blog post this week. (Pregnancy brain forgot I'd be a little preoccupied.)

4. Big 30

Logan is turning 30 this weekend! And he still doesn't look a day over 21. I really wish I could send him on an awesome trip to celebrate his awesomeness...but pregnancy/surgery/life just really didn't ask me what I wanted. Happy birthday, babe! You're the best! I'll make it up to you, I promise!

5. 5 weeks left

It's so crazy to me how 34 weeks was our big pregnancy goal with Landon and Chase because my body was being crazy...and we're here! With no big scares. So, so thankful. And it's even crazier to me to think that I could be having a baby in less than 4 weeks if I go as early as I did with Chase. Time will tell! I'm still having contractions, some pretty strong, but I have medicine to take if they get out of hand.

6. Landon Gerard (4 next week!!)

This handsome boy is growing up so fast it seems and he's starting to ask all kinds of big kid questions like, "Am I a saint?" and "Am I going to Heaven?" and I'm just not ready. Nope nope nope. He's super excited about having another baby brother, though, and is saying he's going to rock Aaron and change diapers and everything.

 7. Chase Michael (22 months)

This little cutie is so goofy and loves food a little too much. I'm slightly worried about how he will handle a new baby, because he's totally a momma's boy...but he's starting to become a daddy's boy too so maybe we will all be okay!

And that's been life lately. Hope everyone has a fun holiday weekend!

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