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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

What I'm loving lately

Playing games with Landon

It's so fun having a kid old enough to play certain games. We took Christy's advice awhile ago and bought Spot It Jr! Animals, which Landon loves. And recently I found a kid version of Crazy 8's for ONE WHOLE DOLLAR at Dollar General that said ages 3+ so of course I bought it and it's been a family favorite. There's a different animal for each suit that makes it easy for kids. Even Chase can "play" by being on my team and putting down whatever card I give him.


I was SO good at printing out pictures and creating photo books and all of that stuff when Landon was a baby. Then Chase came along and....I wasn't so good at it anymore. But I'm determined to get back to it! So I tried out Chatbooks, which is an easy way to print out pictures from my phone. (The quality isn't the best, but it's super convenient and relatively cheap so whatev.) I also got a Shutterfly photo book printed out of all of the pictures from our photo session last month. The boys love looking at all of the books, which is a big plus!

Fixer Upper

I know, I know - I'm totally the last one on the planet to see this show. But after not watching a lot of TV for a long time, I started watching Fixer Upper last week to take a break from reading. Chip and Joanna are so cute, and I seriously love everything they do.

A conversation I had with Landon to prove my love for the show:
Landon: "I want to watch Little Einsteins!"
Jen: "Not right now."
Landon: "Maybe Fixer Upper??"
Little booger totally knows I was more likely to say yes if it was a show I actually liked!

Cute things my cousin makes

We've gotten the boys birthday shirts made by my cousin every year, and I'm hoping to one day get a quilt made out of all them. We're having another joint birthday party in a few weeks, so when she gave us the boys' shirts recently (which are seriously adorable, you'll see next month!), she surprised us with a little something for Aaron!
The sweetest and softest blanket you ever did see. I love love love it. I kind of cried when I saw it because I was having the most emotional day ever. You should totally check out my cousin's shop because she makes the most adorable things. 

Toddler cuddles

Oh, Chase. He's always been the cuddler-type, but it's picked up big time lately. As in, he doesn't just go to sleep by himself anymore - he wants me to hold/rock him for a few minutes first. It's super sweet! But slightly nerve-wracking, considering we're adding a baby to the mix soon...

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