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Thursday, June 2, 2016

The good and the bad

Lots of good going on...and some bad. Well, more like super annoying/frustrating rather than bad. Let me break it down for you! Because, well, real blog posts might not happen for a looong time.

Why do I keep saying that? This is a real blog post. I guess I should say "highly intellectual" posts might not happen for awhile. You never know, though. I felt pretty inspired with my post on Monday....

I'll start with the bad!

  • Charley horses, oh my goodness. I didn't get them until I was pregnant with Chase and it was only once or twice. But it seems to be a more frequent occurrence this time around and um, it hurts. I've been limping most of the day today.
  • Insurance companies and hospitals are DUMB. Why do they never have records of me calling a million times? Why can't they just call each other and figure things out instead of me being the middleman? I could go on a long rant about this but I will spare you.
  • Almost 2-year old tantrums. In public.
  • Almost 2-year old tantrums while you're on the phone with dumb insurance companies and hospitals.
  • IT'S SO HOT.

  • Less than a month until we meet Aaron!! I'm sorry if counting down is annoying, but I can't tell you how excited (and nervous) I am. More excited, though, I think?
  • Landon helping with chores. He has seriously been helping me with laundry by moving everything from the washer to the dryer alllll by himself. And he even helps unload the dishwasher when he's motivated enough.
  • The boys staying occupied with playdoh...and me being on the ball by laminating playdoh mats!
  • Logan and I were asked to be godparents again and that sweet baby (gender is a surprise) will be born probably very close to Aaron! And their baptisms will be a week apart!
  • We're venturing out more now that Chase's surgery is done and I'm at a "safer" point in pregnancy. Yay for fun playdates!
  • Some days I really think I might just make it to my c-section date! Craziness.
  • Blue Apron meals cooked solely by Logan. Yum.
  • Ordering pizza for Logan's birthday and having a picnic in the living room.

One more thing! I'm closing my Etsy shop sometimes this month (not sure exactly when, depends on how I'm feeling and all), so until that happens you can get 20% off your order with the code BABYBABY. All the listings I currently have up are ready to ship! No banners, though, sorry. I probably won't open back up until mid-August!

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