"When a soul recognises the will of God and shows a readiness to submit to it entirely, then God gives Himself to such a soul and renders it most powerful succour under all circumstances." - Rev. Jean-Pierre de Caussade

Sunday, July 24, 2016

It really does take a village

Well, we made it. Aaron is officially a month old and I'm still sane! Most of the time. ;)
Logan showed me this which is pretty hilarious because...yep. I feel pretty outnumbered. But honestly, I don't think having 3 children is harder than having 2 at this point. Just different. (I realllllly think it depends on your children's personalities. Just a personal theory. Because Aaron is my easiest child right now.)

I have to say that I'm SOOOO glad I was determined to rest as much as possible this postpartum period, because I know it has made such a difference. Especially because we weren't anticipating going to a funeral this month and everything that goes along with that. Plus our newest godchild was baptized last weekend! It's been a pretty crazy month and I know I would be a complete mess if I was also trying to do everything I was doing before getting pregnant.
I also have to say, though, that I know it wouldn't have been possible to do as much resting had it not been for my awesome friends and family. Logan was home the first week Aaron was born, my mom was here for the second week, and ever since then we've gotten 2-3 meals a week from friends. If you ever want to do something for a new mom, bring her food. Seriously. It's the best.
I've only attempted baking once while solo with the boys and this was that time. Chocolate banana bread is totally worth it though!

I've really been thinking about how different the postpartum period is in other parts of the world and I really wish our country would get with it. It's so important to support our new mommas! I'm so grateful for my "village."
Look! It's my roommate from college, Lauren! (I'm trying to get her to blog again...) Her family is staying here for a few days which is fun because it's my big 30th birthday tomorrow. And they have been soooo super helpful while Logan was at work last night and this morning. Like, I would have lost my mind without them. We even survived Mass without Logan! The big boys just love Lauren and Alex so they actually did pretty well for the most part.

My skirt and shirt are both from Target (I get really good deals on their clearance racks), as well as Lauren's skirt that she borrowed because her baby peed on her super cute capris. Linking up with Rosie for My Sunday Best! I need to remember to take all of our pictures outside because this picture came out really well!

I just have to say that this blog post happened because ALL 3 BOYS SLEPT FOR 2.5 HOURS. Praise Jesus. (And I'm certain that it will never happen again.)

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