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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

What I'm loving lately {July}

Linking up with 5Faves to share what I'm loving lately!

1. Beef jerky

Logan came home from Costco with this one day...
...and I was reminded of why I love him so. And turns out this is actually pork jerky. But seriously, these are so good. Perfect little thing to grab when I'm breastfeeding hangry. And I found their website and learned there are other flavors! But only this one was at Costco.

2. Lularoe

Their clothes are a bit pricey, but I think it's worth it. I love the Nicole dress (and wore one for Aaron's baptism), but my new favorite is the Perfect T. So freaking comfortable and I can still pull it down to nurse. And it's very forgiving in the belly area!
I may or may not have worn this black one a dozen times in the last few weeks. This particular fabric (because they're all different) works for dressing it up (I wore it with a nice skirt for my grandmother's visitation) or dressing down (like with these super comfy Old Navy shorts).

My sister is becoming a Lularoe consultant and Logan actually gave me a gift certificate for my birthday, sooo the obsession will continue.

3. Brownie Brittle

One of my friends brought by some breakfast foods for us and also included this lovely bag of specialness for just me, myself, and I. (I told you I had good people!)  IT'S SO GOOD. I finished the bag yesterday and totally regret it, only because the kids have been absolutely nuts today and I could use some good chocolatey goodness.

4. Granola

Yogurt with granola has been one of my go-to snacks this past month. So when I saw this at Costco, I was all, um, yes please. At first I was disappointed because I didn't notice any dark chocolate but it just must be a weight thing (with all the chocolate falling to the bottom of the bag) because now there's chunks of dark chocolate which makes it so very yummy.

5. Baby Aaron

I hope you're not tired of seeing baby pictures because I.just.can't.help myself. He's so cute. And sweet. And I'm just totally smitten!

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