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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A story about friendship

I know I've mentioned it before, but...I have been blessed with some pretty amazing friends in my adult life. It's been such a blessing in these years of mothering littles, and I don't for one second take it for granted.

Some of these friendships have taken some work, and some just naturally happened. There's one friendship in particular, though, I wanted to share about because I think it could be of encouragement to somebody reading this.

I already had several friends with kids by the time Landon was born (mainly because we lost Levi and had trouble conceiving again...otherwise I wouldn't be too far behind), which has actually turned out to be an unexpected blessing. I also had several newly married friends without kids and even unmarried friends, all of which I considered close – and still do actually!

Because I'm an introvert, I was perfectly content with all of my friends and not really looking to make new ones (and I seriously don't mean to sound conceited at all when I say that).

But. There was one girl, Lauren (not to be confused with my roommate from college, Lauren), who I saw often at different parties and things because of mutual friends, and we talked every time we saw each other. I had met her when we were both pregnant with our oldest boys, and we even invited each other to parties and all. But for some reason, we were never able to attend each other's parties, so a friendship never really grew past the acquaintance phase. The fact that we're both introverts probably didn't help!

That didn't stop me from thinking, though, that Lauren and I could be good friends because of all the things we seemed to have in common. Plus, we both had boys the same age AND we were both pregnant again with another boy, due just a couple weeks apart (they ended up being born 2 days apart). It seemed a little too perfect.
2 days apart!

But because I'm dumb, I never reached out. I just kept thinking, “Man, we'd probably be really good friends. And our boys could totally play together!”

Fast forward to over a year ago. We both had 2 boys at this point – an almost 3-year old and almost 1-year old. Lauren sent me a message on Facebook that basically said (totally paraphrasing here), “Hey, I read your blog and think we have a lot in common and can we get together for a playdate? Hope I don't sound stalkerish!”

I was kind of blown away because I had seriously been thinking even more how I really wish we were close friends. So I was totally glad Lauren reached out and replied probably a little too enthusiastically, “I would LOVE to get together! Next week? I follow your blog too!”

And so we started getting together regularly, usually twice a month, taking turns going to each other's houses (since we actually live an hour away from each other). Our boys play SO well together, Lauren and I get to chat the whole time, and it's just been pretty awesome how our friendship has grown over the last year.

What's even cooler is that she ended up pregnant again last year...and then I did not long after. (And nope, we didn't plan that AT ALL.) So it was pretty cool having a pregnancy buddy, especially with due dates only 2 weeks apart! And now it's also cool having someone else very much in the craziness of life with 3 little ones.

You know how I mentioned Logan and I were asked to be godparents again? It was actually Lauren and her hubby that asked us! And we were so excited to find out recently that our godbaby is a BOY, born exactly 11 days before Aaron. So now Lauren and I both have 3 boys. I don't have any other friends who have 3 boys exactly like me.

So I guess the point to this whole long story is that making friends can be hard, but it doesn't have to be! Sometimes you just need to step out of your comfort zone and send a slightly awkward Facebook message. You just might be surprised what happens because of it!

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