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Friday, August 12, 2016

August fun

Quick takes - the perfect solution to having a million things to say but not having the time to say them (or hands to type them...I'm looking at you, Aaron). Thanks to Kelly for hosting!

1. Olympics

Gosh, I just love them. Even though I seriously can't stay awake long enough to watch all the coverage. My faves are gymnastics (obviously...Simone is amazing), swimming (did y'all see the video of the Evolution of Michael Phelps? long but good), and last but certainly not least...women's soccer. Duh. Quarter finals today!!

2. Annual beach trip

Okay, so this year it wasn't really a "beach" trip because we stayed in a different house not by the beach. But it had a pool, a really nice outdoor cooking area, and a pool table so it was still equally as awesome (or more so?) as the last 3 years. 7 nights, 10 adults, 18 kids, and 1 house. Crazy but fun! There's still a possibility I'll bomb you with a million pictures in a future post so just prepare yourself. Maybe.

3. Family of 5

We only went to the beach (but really it was the bay or something) one evening because there was no way I was doing the daytime heat with Aaron. It was so, so nice. And we got a cute family picture!

4. Landon Gerard (4 years)

Whew, this kid talks a lot. He's saying some hilarious things these days, though, and he just LOVES his new baby brother. It's pretty cute. I kind of feel like he's growing up so fast right now!

5. Chase Michael (2 years)

He's in the super annoying shrieking phrase (which is super fun when the baby is sleeping), but he's also freakin' adorable with those dimples. And he's been super sweet with Aaron lately. I thought Landon was the goofiest toddler ever but I think Chase may have him beat.

6. Aaron Joseph (7 weeks)

I feel like I say this every time, but...he's such a good baby. I mean, yeah, he really likes to be held and sometimes boycotts naps during the day (unless he is held)...but I can live with that because he's so cute. And his eyes don't look brown like the rest of ours! It'll be interesting to see if they stay that way.

7. All the awkward questions

Man, if I had a dollar for every "Are you done?" or "You gonna try for a girl?" or "You have your hands full!" I've gotten lately...I would buy some new clothes. Or a fancy dinner for me and Logan. Or both.

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