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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Still Christmas

Day 5 of Christmas y'all!

12 Days of Christmas

We've gotten better over the years about still celebrating Christmas, but mannnn it's hard when the rest of the world is like totally over it already. Ugh. I had actually written a separate post about our 12 day plans and never posted it because professional blogger I am not. But hey! Maybe it's a good thing because the only thing we've done so far is hit up a lights display that also had fake snow and a carousel to ride. We do have big, BIG plans though to decorate a gingerbread house, do this Nativity craft I bought on clearance, and read lots of Christmas books (okay, okay, we don't have lots...but I did buy 2 "new" ones from the library for 50 cents! hollerrr), and have our annual party with friends.

Seven years today 

Today marks 7 years since Levi went to Heaven. How is that possible? Some days I can hardly believe we have 3 more boys now because it still feels like yesterday that I was in the hospital with Levi. It's crazy, though, how I consider him one of my biggest blessings now. (Heck, he's the reason I started this here blog!) Please pray for us, Levi! We love you so much.

Birthday? Remembrance day?

One thing I have always struggled with is what to call today. For some reason I've always felt weird saying it's Levi's birthday, because it was a stillbirth. But I also feel weird just saying "Levi's day." What do y'all think? Should I just get over it and say it's his birthday? Pregnancy loss can be so complicated sometimes. (I know I probably sound ridiculous talking about this SEVEN YEARS LATER.)


We asked Logan's parents to buy Landon and Chase bikes for Christmas and they generously agreed!

Landon has totally got the hang of it now and sadly Chase is too short to reach his pedals but still loves his trike. And check out those helmets!

Writing space

YOU GUYS. Logan is the best gift giver! Look at this picture (from before we moved in) of a little nook in our bedroom - between the closets.
We've put different things there over the past few years, including my vanity, a pack'n'play, and more recently, my dresser. But Logan decided to revamp it as my Christmas present...
...into my very own writing space!! That opens into a little desk. Seriously one of the most thoughtful gifts ever and could probably double as a prayer space (which is what I thought it was when he first showed me). Now if only I could get the chance to use it! (As I sit at the kitchen table, typing with one hand, holding a nursing baby with the other while the big boys watch a video about St. Juan Diego in the next room.)

Mini vacation

Logan was able to take off a few days so we could spend Christmas at my parents' house, which is always really nice because they serve yummy food and live in a beautiful neighborhood and it just really feels like a mini vacation. Logan works pretty much every holiday that we stay home for so it was REALLY nice to have 5 straight days with him.
Landon looks mad but he was just being goofy!

The elf pajamas, y'all.

Baby's 1st Christmas

Now let me please bombard you with cute baby pictures since it was Aaron's first Christmas.
The only thing we got him was a teething rosary from Chews Life and he loves loves loves it.

His new friends ;)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas!

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