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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A month for your marriage {week 4 – sacrificial love}

In case you missed it, I'm hosting a weekly marriage challenge! Read the previous posts: week 1, week 2, and week 3.

How I did on week 3, surprise and spontaneity

So here's where I admit I actually did this challenge a couple weeks ago - Logan read all of these posts in advance and specifically said he was looking forward to this one the most. So obviously I needed to make sure he was really surprised.

I was soooo tempted to setup the best in-home date night (take-out sushi, wine, and a movie, anyone?), but like I said last week, Logan would much rather go out. So when Logan got home from work one day, I told him - well, Landon beat me to it - that the big boys were going to their cousins' house for a sleepover so we could go to dinner and a movie! Logan has been begging to go on a date lately but between our tight budget and Aaron being so ridiculous in the evenings, we haven't made it happen. Needless to say, Logan was thrilled about our date!
Don't be fooled - that cute baby was not happy 90% of the time at the restaurant and spilled my water all over my dress. But we had a gift card so I GUESS it was okay he kinda ruined dinner. We had time to kill before the late movie so we enjoyed strolling around without a care in the world.

To make up for his terrible dinner behavior, Aaron then slept THE ENTIRE MOVIE (where we also had a gift card! #winning). It was lovely. All in all, the night was fun and so, so nice getting to spend time together without having to rush back home to a babysitter or whatever because the boys were spending the night elsewhere. Most dates we just go to dinner so it was cool having an "extended" date. Logan definitely appreciated my efforts!

So what surprise did you end up doing?? Link up your posts or share in the comments!  


Week 4, Sacrificial love

It's so easy to get caught up in who is supposed to do what in a marriage. It's also easy to let bitterness and resentment build up if it seems like you're doing more than your spouse.

I just love Rachel's post “Happiness in Marriage” (go read it!). Here's a quote from it: “But in marriage, in happy marriage, there is no split. It’s each member of the union giving 100 percent and praying, trusting, that this 200 percent will add up to happiness.”

I find that the times I'm giving my all and just doing what I need to do - whether it's normally my responsibility or not – is when Logan starts doing little extras. He sees me working hard, so he starts working hard too. It's nice.

But I will admit that I often struggle with keeping tally on how many times he forgets to take out the garbage in a row, or the fact that I have little to no break with a nursing baby while he can do whatever he wants (and still forgets about the garbage), or or or. It's hard to keep a sacrificial and loving heart sometimes!

It does seem to me, though, that the more one practices sacrificial love, the easier it becomes. So even though I fall back into the whole bitterness/resentment/keeping tally foolishness, I keep trying. Again and again.

Your challenge this week: Do something for your spouse – a chore that they normally do. And don't tell them!

Some ideas:
  • Take out the garbage
  • Cut the grass (sorry, Logan, I am NOT doing this one...just saying)
  • Bathe the kids or put them to bed or both (since these seem to be “assigned” tasks for many couples I know, for whatever reason)
  • Let your spouse sleep in while you cook breakfast

Check back next week (on Mardi Gras!) to see how everybody did and to wrap things up!

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