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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Teething, family walks, and going to the movies (7QT)

Linking up with Kelly with some randomness. As I do. Go check out everyone else's better takes and Kelly's hilarious post if you're looking for some fashion advice!

1. Teething sucks

You know those weeks you feel like you get NOTHING done? Yeah. I'm having one of those, thanks to a teething baby who won't let me put him down and won't sleep....and some other whiny children. I've always thought potty training was the worst part of parenthood, but I'm seriously thinking it might be teething BECAUSE I'M ABOUT TO LOSE MY MIND. And this was just the first tooth!!
But he's so cute (and finally sitting up)!

2. Family walks

On a more positive note, one thing I wanted to start doing more this year was going on family walks and they have just been lovely. We're usually having to squeeze it in before the sun sets, but it actually makes for PERFECT weather and a beautiful landscape. Logan and I are running a couple 5Ks in April, and I was realllly hoping to be able to run for the entire race both times...but my dang knee is starting to act up again. It does this every time I start to really enjoy running. I guess it's to be expected after 20+ years of playing soccer. Sigh.
This was right before Chase stepped in ants. Fun times.

3. Thinking ahead

Here's where I admit I already have everything for the boys' Easter baskets. This is because 1) I tend to do things wayyyy in advance so I don't stress over it later, 2) we're doing a no-spend month in March so I didn't want to leave only 2 weeks in April to get things together, and 3) I don't want to spend Lent doing Easter prep. You can roll your eyes all you want but I'm pretty proud of myself. You have 2.5 weeks until Lent! You can do it too!

4. A month for your marriage

Are you doing it?? I hope so! The 2nd challenge is up if you missed it. I really debated whether or not to include a link-up but decided to just do it. So far nobody has linked up (which is fine! I'm fine! I just want people to do the challenges) and I just realllly want to know how you're doing if you're participating. Comments instead of linked up posts are more than welcome! (I'll also take suggestions on how to make this whole thing better.)

5. Going to the movies

When Landon and Chase were babies I was terrified to bring them to the movie theater. So I never did even though Logan and I have always really enjoyed the movies. But little Aaron has already been to the movies THREE TIMES in his 7.5 months. And it's been fine! Totally fine!
Two of those movies were kids ones so we brought the whooooole family which is actually pretty cool considering we only have to pay for Landon right now. (I mean, we usually go only when tickets are cheaper during the day or we have a gift card but that just helps us stretch it a little more.) Gotta take advantage before Chase turns 3 in July!!
This dude totally ruined dinner but he slept through the movie soooo I guess I can't be too mad...

6. I just want some cheese

I've been avoiding dairy for over 3 months now for Aaron's sake and it.is.hard. I just want some queso or a piece of pizza or a big bowl of ice cream. This has made me more aware/sympathetic of people with food allergies and I seriously don't know how you guys do it. I just want some cheese.

7. Words I needed to hear this week

"Cast yourself into the arms of God and be very sure that if He wants anything of you, He will fit you for the work and give you strength."- St. Philip Neri

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