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Sunday, March 19, 2017

My Sunday Best, the Jesus Tree, and I'm going to Edel!

It's been awhile since I linked up with Rosie for My Sunday Best, since I never remember to take pictures! But today our church had St. Joseph's Altar all set up and I really wanted a picture of us in front of it. St. Joseph is Aaron Joseph's patron. :) (The feast is technically moved to tomorrow, FYI)

My mom got my dress on clearance from I can't remember where, and I love it because it's petite size. My half-cardigan thingy (is there a proper name for that?) is from Target and I wear it alllll the time over sleeveless dresses. Love it. 
And here's a flashback to last year when Aaron was still in my belly! It feels like forever ago. Crazy thing is that Chase is now wearing the clothes that Landon was wearing in this picture.

 The one thing I'm doing with the boys is the Jesus Tree from Nancy at Do Small Things with Love. I love the Jesse Tree during Advent but have been generally pretty bad at keeping up with it with everything else going on. So this is like a Lenten version, but on a cross! (You could do a tree if you wanted though.) I'm really liking it. I do tend to forget pretty much every other day, but it works out because then both Landon and Chase get to put on an "ornament" on the same day.

My favorite thing about it is that Landon doesn't have to ask me every.single.day. when Easter is going to be because he can just look at the cross and see how many days are left!

And the last thing I wanted to mention is that I'm officially going to Edel! I'm kind of banking on the fact that Aaron will be weaned by then, and although the other boys were by 13 months, Aaron is the only one who hasn't been getting bottles too. Soooo we will see. Please tell me if you're going! I can't wait to meet people!

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