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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Rocking Motherhood

Heyyyy. There's this challenge going around blogs that is calling us mommas to think of allllll the ways (well, 10 ways) we are rocking motherhood. I love the idea, actually, because it is so easy these days to focus on all the ways we feel like we are failing miserably. Heck, I can easily list things that I could do better - less yelling, more reading aloud, less distractions (hi IG and FB), less losing my patience, and generally just more quality time with my kids.

Of course, it's good to be aware of all the ways you can be better, but it's equally as important to remember all of the things you're doing well! Thinking about those things, though, is a little more challenging. But I did it! Just took me a week and a half. Thanks to Alicia for tagging and challenging me!
Thanks to Deroche Photography for the lovely photos

So, let me assure you that I am far from the perfect mom. It's hard not to sound a little conceited with this type of challenge (or maybe it's just me?). But the following things are how I'm rocking motherhood:

I randomly sing and dance. Not very well, I admit, but that's not the point. Pretty sure my boys will hide when I do this in 10 years, but now they think it's the best thing ever. Mom is fun!

I teach my boys manners. Future wives, you're welcome. They already hold the door open for me (without me asking), and say please and thank you.

I bake yummy stuff from scratch. Bread, cookies, you name it. I'm not a fan of cooking so I don't cook 5-course meals by any means...but baking? It's my jam. And my kids love all of it.

I'm crafty. Man, I used to not consider myself crafty, but you know what? I totally am. I love making cute things, especially for their birthdays. Which reminds me...

I throw awesome parties. I know, I know...totally not necessary. And if they tell me they don't want a big birthday party anymore, I will totally listen. But for now, the boys LOVE their big joint summer birthday birthday bash and I just love planning it.

I have my own hobbies. I think it's important that my boys see me doing things I love - and not just chores. They see me read (a lot), crochet, and make cute crafty things.

I read parenting books. I want to be better, and I learn so much from others. I know I'm a much better mom because of all the insight I've gained from books. You can never learn too much!

I pray often (and my boys see me). Okay, so maybe I don't always purposely let them see me, but a lot of times it just happens. Landon wakes up early during my prayer time, or he interrupts my Rosary during nap time. My boys know that Morning Prayer and the Rosary are just part of my day, and I hope that sticks with them. We do pray together before meals, we say a prayer to our guardian angels every time we leave the house, and we pray before bed.

I apologize. I'm not always the best mom, but I make a point to say I'm sorry for yelling or not handling a certain situation in the best way.

I do certain things just because I know my boys will love it. Examples: making an impromptu visit to the zoo during nap time just because. Having a picnic outside for lunch because the weather was perfect. You know, the things that are more work...but are totally worth it.

So there you go. 10 ways I'm rocking motherhood. It was so tempting to throw in a negative thing for every positive thing, but I refrained! (So hard, though, not gonna lie.) Now I want to hear your list! No pressure at all, but I'm tagging the following ladies to make a list of 10 ways (or less, whatevs) they are rocking motherhood:

(I promise we will still be friends if you don't do it! ;))

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