"When a soul recognises the will of God and shows a readiness to submit to it entirely, then God gives Himself to such a soul and renders it most powerful succour under all circumstances." - Rev. Jean-Pierre de Caussade

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Pencil skirts, parables, and blooming where you're planted

I've been having 2 pencil skirts for, um, awhile now. (LulaRoe's Cassie skirt, if you're familiar with LLR). And I haven't worn either one in public yet. I've tried them on SO many times, but I always change at the last minute. I haven't let myself buy anymore LLR in so long because a) budget, and b) I've had a few regret purchases....the Cassie skirts being one of them.

It's probably Logan's favorite skirt on me, but it's just not what I typically wear. And I know it's just really easy to get stuck in a rut - in so many areas of life, not just my wardrobe - so I decided to be brave today. I wore that dang pencil skirt to Mass.
Logan is sporting a coat from H&M, my shirt is a LLR Classic (knotted to the side...does it looks dumb? I wasn't sure), and my skirt is a LLR Cassie. Linking up with Rosie for My Sunday Best! (Chase decided to photo bomb at the last minute so he looks blurry, oh well)

I was feeling so brave I decided to leave my diaper bag at home too. Living on the edge, people. Living on the edge.

Mass was, well, interesting. Aaron (the baby) has a new spitting trick and decided to test it out during those brief quiet moments during Communion before the music started. He spit on Landon (the soon-to-be kindergartener), who thought it was HILARIOUS and couldn't stop giggling. Then after we went back to our pew after Communion, I knelt down to pray just to have Chase (the toddler) ask me to pull his finger so he could make a farting noise.

Boys are fun.

The priest (our pastor's friend has been celebrating many of the Masses lately) focused on the parable with the weeds and the wheat during his homily, telling about his childhood. He was one of nine kids, and they didn't go to church. In fact, when he told his mom he wanted to be a priest, she told him if he felt the same way in a year, he wouldn't be part of their family anymore.

To make a long story short, he (obviously) still became a priest and eventually his mom and three siblings converted (maybe his whole family did too and I missed it, because, kids be crazy). So even though he was wheat among weeds for so long, so to speak, it was all part of God's plan. Fr. M. led his family to the Lord. He let himself bloom where he was planted, I guess...even though it wasn't easy.

Lately I've been feeling pretty confused as to where God is leading me - or not leading me, I should say. After taking a break from teaching CCD at my church for a year, I just assumed I'd start teaching again in the fall, especially because we were planning on enrolling Landon too. And Logan and I just assumed we would sign Landon up for soccer in the fall too since he's finally old enough. And I just assumed, because Aaron is finally weaned, and we could use the money, that I would either start up my Etsy shop again or find a part-time job somewhere. One of my ideal places to work even had an available position!

But after praying about all of those situations, it became very clear to both Logan and myself that we weren't supposed to do any of those things. I don't know why God is calling me to do nothing right now (honestly, it's hard not get worried...what does the future hold??). 

So when I was sharing how I felt to Logan about not feeling called to anything right now, he pulled an awesome husband move and told me: "Even though you're not feeling called to anything else right now, you're always called to your family."

Boom. Nailed it, babe.

Now I'm not sure exactly how I thought this was related to the Gospel today....I guess because I'm feeling vulnerable, like wheat surrounded weeds. It's hard to see how staying put is the right thing to do. But I know it is. I know God has His reasons for our family not committing to much of anything right now. I can definitely see some fruit already. 

Gosh, this post is so all over the place. Sorry. Not sorry. Just taking things back to the old days of blogging - sharing crazy thoughts that I might regret later but YOLO, RIGHT??

Have a lovely Sunday!

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