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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

That time I let my husband pick my clothes

....for an entire week. And yes, we took the idea from this post. No shame.

Alternatively titled: how to make marriage fun when NFP sucks

Anybody who knows Logan knows that choosing my outfits is something he totally loves to do. And he did very much enjoy it for a week. (He was the one who really insisted I wear my pencil skirt to Mass last week, so when he saw the post about a husband picking outfits, he was like, babe, let's do it. And I was all 🤷🏼‍♀️)

Anybody who knows me knows that fashion is definitely not my thing. (I grew up a tomboy.) Sure, I like looking cute (who doesn't?) but it's just not something extremely important to me. I like wearing skirts and dresses more for the modesty aspect instead of the cute factor. And this summer I have definitely been living in shorts and tank tops because IT'S SO HOT and I like to be comfortable.

So. I was a little nervous about giving Logan free reign over my closet, because he always wants me to wear things that I don't want to wear and vice versa. But he did great! You shall see. So many pictures ahead. So many bathroom selfies.
 Thursday. Okay, first day...not bad. This is totally something I would wear on a normal day.

Friday. I might have inwardly groaned a little bit because honestly, I have never worn this. I bought it super cheap at Costco when I was pregnant, and it just never looked right on my big belly and then it wasn't really easy to nurse in. I actually put it on somewhat recently and quickly took it off because it didn't look right. But I ended up kind of glad Logan picked this because it made me realize it's kind of cute! And totally comfortable.

Friday night. I went out for dinner with friends that night so Logan picked yet another dress that I have never worn in public. Again, bought when I was pregnant (it looked pretty cute with my belly), never got a chance to wear it on a fancy date, and then it wasn't nursing-friendly. It's LuLaRoe's Julia, and honestly something I never would have picked for myself because it's kind of fitted. But Logan loves it, so there's that. (He wanted me to wear heels but I was like nope, it's not a nice restaurant. The dress was already too fancy!)

Saturday. Sigh. I'm feeling pretty dumb now because this skirt is something else I've never worn...LuLaRoe's Cassie. (Seriously, that's why I can't buy LLR anymore!!) But that's mainly because I couldn't find a shirt that went well with it, and Logan had a flash of genius with this ensemble (it's actually a tank top with a bolero over it). HOWEVER, I had to bring all 3 boys to a birthday party an hour away by myself, and this was not an ideal outfit. So I convinced Logan to let me wear it to vigil Mass later in the day. Which I did.

 Now this is definitely birthday party-friendly! And something I would totally wear normally. #flipflopsforever

Sunday. Logan had to work, so I stayed home with the boys all day and wasn't exactly thrilled to be wearing a dress. But it's cute, I guess. (He said the undershirt was optional, LOL. Right.)

Monday. Another inward groan when I saw another fancy dress laid out for me. Logan was off work, which I'm sure is why he wanted to see me in this all day. This is when this challenge started to get a tad bit annoying, because come on, tank tops and shorts! It's summer! I wore this to a wedding in June so it was kind of weird wearing it on a normal day.

Tuesday. Okay, this is actually one of my favorite shirts (The Loft, I think, been having it forever) and skirts (Target). So yay. But ughh I was packing this for Edel (leaving tomorrow!!) so that was kind of annoying.

Wednesday (today). Can you tell I'm totally over it by now? I was a little worried Logan would end the week with a bang, and um, yeah. I had never seen this dress before, and it turns out he got it from one of my friends. I ended up changing because it needed certain undergarments that were already packed, and honestly, I had so much to do (I still can't believe I'm leaving tomorrow!!) that I needed to be wearing something comfy. So, my usual tank top, shorts, and flip flops it was.

We didn't time it very well, since the closer I get to leaving on my trip made me more stressed and less likely to, um, cooperate. But! Overall, it was fun. And interesting. I recommend it as a serious trust challenge. 😉 Logan wants to do it again when the weather gets cooler. He totally offered for me to pick out his clothes for a week but I declined because, um, picking out my own clothes is enough, thankyouverymuch.

Things I learned:
  • Logan has better fashion sense than me (totally cool with that, by the way)
  • I need to trust Logan more
  • This challenge made Logan SO HAPPY
  • I can pull some clothes off that I didn't think I could
  • Many of my regret purchases are things Logan likes the best (go figure...he's probably the reason I bought them in the first place)
  • It was really nice not having to worry about picking my clothes for the first few days
  • It's not the end of the world to wear fancy clothes on a casual day

Things Logan learned:
  • That I trust him more than he thought
  • Women have too many choices of wardrobe
  • That's why I've gotten rid of most of my clothes
  • Picking out clothes can be stressful
  • I don't like wearing fancy dresses on a normal day

Now tell me! Would you let your husband pick your clothes out for a week? Why or why not??

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