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Monday, September 25, 2017

Instant Pot recipes {five favorites}

I mentioned in one quick take in my last post that I was loving the Instant Pot (IP), and was reallllly tempted to include a bunch of recipes but thought it'd probably be better as its own post. Which I'm really glad I decided to do, because Ashley brought back the Five Favorites link-up! A couple of these can be used in a crockpot too, FYI. And if you don't have an IP some of this is gonna sound weird. Sorry.

So! I honestly haven't tried too, too many recipes because I just really love the ones we've done so far. Here are 5 of my favorites:

1. Boiled eggs

If you get an Instant Pot and you don't know where to start, just boil some eggs. There a million ways to do it, but this is what I do and it's worked perfectly every time: Put 1/2 cup water in the pot, put in steaming basket thingy with eggs on top. 4 minutes high pressure (HP), 4 minutes natural pressure release (NPR), open vent and then ice bath those precious babies for 4 min (or just run water over them, whatevs)
Aaron approves!

2. Pulled pork

I get those huge pork shoulders from Costco that are about 15 pounds (about $30). It took me some trial and error to figure out the best way to cook that much meat, but now I got it! This is my go-to party food.
Seasoned, browned and ready to cook on HP!

I freeze half (because it's like 2 big pieces), and I cut up the other half into big chunks. Season those suckers - I'm in Louisiana so I use Tony Chachere's. Holler. You can brown all the pork pieces in the IP first but I actually forgot last time and it still was fine. Put the meat in your IP with a cup of broth (I used chicken) and cook on HP for 90 min. NPR, then shred and eat on baked potatoes or buns with BBQ sauce! We have plenty leftover (since it's 7-8 lbs) so I freeze some in smaller portions for future meals. Easy peasy. (Get you a FoodSaver, for reals.)

3. Baked potatoes

Speaking of baked potatoes...I'll never go back to doing them in the oven. You use the steam basket thingy - okay, steam rack is the technical name in the manual, just looked it up - to put the potatoes on. One cup water, HP for 10 min, NPR for 20 min. Top these babies with some pulled pork (that I just pull out of the freezer 😎), or just butter and cheese (which we do on Fridays).

4. Chicken Tortilla Soup

This one is probably our all-time fave. I've made it so many times in the last 2 months! The original recipe is here, and also has instructions for the crockpot (which I haven't tried because IP is awesome) but I change it a little. Instead of the chipotle chili in adobo sauce, I just get the diced tomatoes (which is also an ingredient) with chiles. I've also left out the cilantro and it's still good.
Add you some cheese, people! And chips! Avocado would be yummy too but they're just so dang expensive these days...

5. Salsa Chicken

I used to do this in the crockpot all the time - just boneless chicken topped with salsa, 3 hours on High or 6 hours on low. Serve on tortillas with cheese. But I just tried it in the IP and it took less than an hour total so that will be my new method. Here's an official recipe if that's your jam but basically, cook on HP for 20 min, NPR, then the shred chicken. I doubled the recipe because we like leftovers around here (it means less cooking!). It was a little juicy so maybe make sure you get really chunky salsa. Or make your own. That's cool.

Okay, fellow IP users - what's your fave recipes??

Edited to add: Shoot! I forgot one! One of our absolute faves (I can't believe I forgot about it) is Honey Bourbon Chicken. So just pretend I put that in the place of baked potatoes, mmkay? I only use a half cup of honey, by the way, and we eat it over rice.

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