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Sunday, October 1, 2017

31 Days of Marriage Fun {day 1}

Well. Here we go. I’m attempting to post every day this month! All on the topic of marriage. (Logan reads all of these posts, don't worry.) Hold onto your hats! -Jen

After a few years of blogging and reading other blogs, mainly in the Catholic blogosphere, I realized that not many people were writing about marriage.

I can understand why, though. It’s hard to share all of those hard moments that happen within the walls of your house when it seems like everyone else’s marriage is picture perfect. Sometimes it feels like you’re the only one struggling and wondering why nobody told you marriage was going to be this hard.

Well, I’m here to tell you that marriage is amazing, terrifying, and downright infuriating. I’ve had the best moments of my life with my husband, and I’ve also had the worst moments of my life with him.

I’m losing count of the number of times I hear about a married couple - who I thought was doing fine - suddenly separate and divorce. Many of these were close to our family and left us devastated. The reasons for divorce are numerous - addiction, infidelity, financial struggles, just to name a few. Even though the causes are different, one thing is the same - nobody on the outside saw it coming.

Why does this keep happening? Why do seemingly perfect marriages fall apart out of nowhere?

I wish I had more of an answer than “marriages takes work.” It does, of course, but I know that’s not very helpful (especially when abuse is involved…not always a situation that can be reconciled).

While this month will certainly not contain a bunch of marital advice (well, there is some…), I do feel called to share our story. Several days will just be funny stories from our marriage, but I’ll share some tough situations too. I hope our experiences and insights will be helpful and that sharing our stories and reflecting on them will be a source of encouragement for those who need it - and maybe a source of laughter too.

And don’t worry, I’ll keep most of them short and sweet. šŸ˜‰

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