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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

I hate rats {day 10}

One evening (before kids), Logan and I were watching TV in our living room while our puppy Marley snoozed alongside us. All of a sudden, we heard a clanging sound from upstairs. Marley woke up and started barking. Logan and I were trying to figure out what the heck the sound was when we realized it was coming from our attic, which was accessed from the second floor.

In the weeks prior, we had noticed droppings at various places in our house. And by droppings I mean poop. Tiny, tiny pieces of poop. We mentioned it to our pest control guy, and he thought it was just geckos. He gave us some sticky traps, though, to see if we caught anything.

Logan and I actually considered that it could be mice, even though our pest control guy didn’t agree. Unfortunately, I had even found droppings under my pillow - which is horrifying to think about, even years later - and suspected that it was getting in from the attic. Our attic door was like any other door on the second floor, but we noticed a gap underneath it small enough for vermin to squeeze through. So we had put a sticky trap right inside our attic door just to see if anything would happen. If a mouse was getting into our house from there, it would walk right into the trap first.

So that evening where we heard a loud clanging was when we realized that we caught something. That something ended up being a big fat rat. Yuck. It was causing a ruckus trying to get off the sticky trap.

Thankfully, I was the woman, so I felt zero obligation to deal with said rat. Logan, the man, thought it was a good idea to leave a live rat on a sticky trap in our attic overnight and just deal with it the next day. I informed him that rats gnaw off their feet if they need to and that there was no way he was leaving it there. I couldn’t help but picture a bloody mess the next morning. No thank you! (I have no idea where I learned that about rats and if it’s actually true, but I believe it. Rats are disgusting.)

Now, I love Logan, but sometimes he just doesn’t know how to handle a situation. He decided to leave the rat in our garage instead. In order to move it, though, he placed a bucket over the rat and then slid a piece of cardboard underneath. Logan brought the little vermin downstairs and left it in the garage, with the bucket still placed on top. You know, since a plastic bucket is really secure.

Needless to say, I didn’t dare open the door to the garage.

The next day, Logan’s dad came over to help him deal with the rat - which was still alive and stuck to the trap. They took it out in the yard, where his dad got ready to lift the bucket so Logan could shoot the rat with his pellet gun.

We live in Louisiana, where apparently the solution to everything animal-related is to just shoot it.

So, my father-in-law lifted the bucket just enough so Logan could take a shot at the poor rat. I don’t know if Logan missed the first time, or what, but the rat started to get off the trap a little, so his dad quickly put the bucket back over it. Logan tried getting the gun ready to shoot the rat again, but it got stuck. So while Logan is fiddling with the dang gun, the rat manages to get loose completely and takes off running.

Logan grabs the bucket and takes off running after the rat. It was probably one of the funniest things I’ve seen Logan do - and he makes me laugh a lot. I can still picture the rat bouncing up and down, making a beeline for our neighbor’s house, with Logan chasing after it. Hilarious, I tell you.

My dear husband wiped out on our neighbor’s carport trying to catch the rat, but picked himself up in time as the rat started to climb the wall of our neighbor’s house. Logan stealthily put the bucket over the rat, which was still on the wall, and he yelled at us to bring him the cardboard to slide underneath.

This time, Logan and his dad put the rat in a box so it couldn’t run off again. They finally killed it, and I just hoped that it would be the last time we had to deal with a rat.

I was wrong. Several months later we caught another one in the same spot. Since Logan did not want to repeat the last debacle with the rat running off, he decided to shoot the rat while it was still in our attic. That worked out much better.

After we caught that first rat, Logan added a door sweep to the attic door so they couldn’t get into our house anymore. I have no idea when that first rat pooped on my pillow, but I guess I’m just glad I wasn’t there to see it firsthand.

Sometimes in marriage, you deal with problems you never would have expected. And sometimes those problems pop up - or sneak in, like rats - over and over, perhaps without you even realizing at first. It could be financial problems, outside relationships, differences in beliefs - heck, curious rats that poop on your pillow - and you might not know what to do about them. It might take trial and error to figure out the best solution, and even then, it might not go away completely.

What I love about those unexpected problems, though, is that they provide the perfect opportunities to work together and get creative with possible solutions. And maybe you’ll even get to your see your spouse chasing after a rat in the process.

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